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When is it Time to get Clean and Sober?

Drugalcohol2-300x175I will never try to influence you on this decision except to be very honest with you. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you do have a drug and alcohol problem. I don’t make a distinction between problems with drugs and problems with alcohol; both are substance abuse.

The only person who can really make the decision to turn that corner in your life to become clean and sober is you. If you are not at that point where you wish to take control of your own life, no one can help you. It’s up to you. My job is not to push boulders up hills.

If you’re at that point where there is even a spark of recognition that you are in trouble with substance abuse then you may be at the point of turning to a better life.

But you do have to embrace that realisation, hang on to it and grow it into a realisation that you did not have control over that substance but the substance had control over you. It is a point of self-honesty.

Honesty and realisation are the very first parts of changing your life to becoming a clean and sober person.

If you have even a hint of honesty you have a chance at change but if you’re just playing with idea, you are wasting your time continuing to read this article. If you ever get honest, come back and continue to read.

Substance abusers live in a delusionary world. That’s you. The substance distorts your sense of reality and sets you adrift from the basic coping skills we all need to get through life.

The culture and mindset of substance abusers, however, leads you to believe that you have it right, you have divine knowledge, and the rest of us, who are clean and sober, are stupid and unenlightened.

Are you ready to accept you were delusional?

If you’re ready to stop abusing whatever substance you’re taking, you need to accept that living clean and sober is superb, and a thousand other joyful adjectives.

But to get to the place where clean and sober people are at will take total commitment on your part to live a clean and sober life.

Are you ready to make that commitment?

For you to go forward now, to lose your drug and alcohol addiction, you will need to take a great journey. Some of that journey will be smooth, some of it may be painful but to make it, you will need to learn to live in the real world that you have been avoiding for long time

Are you ready to live in the real world?

There are no compromises for someone who changes their life from being a substance abuser to become clean and sober.

For you as an addict these substances have proved devastating and have the potential to prove lethal. I said to you I would be honest with you; I am keeping my word.

Are you ready to get honest with yourself?

I’ve seen so many people completely change their lives and clean up their act. I love that phrase ‘clean up your act’, because that is exactly what you will need to do.

You will need to learn to live a life that is very different from the one you have been living. If you are not prepared to do that, you are still deluded.

Are you prepared to completely change your life?

Those people that I have seen completely clean up their act and go on to to live a clean and sober life have never regretted a day of their transformation.

Every aspect of their lives has improved enormously and they the have regained their dignity, loving people around them, and gaining life-coping skills.

If that is what you want, then you are ready to begin your journey to achieve it. If it is not what you want, that is your decision and only you can make it.

As I said the journey starts with a small spark of honesty on your part.

Are you ready to become clean and sober?

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