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What is the Difference Between Meditation and Hypnosis?

Meditation-hypnosis-200I shall start this blog post by saying that both meditation and hypnosis are excellent ways to access the mind’s ability to calm you.

Both take brain wave activities down from the alert (Beta) and hyper alert (High Beta) states down to a calmer brain wave state: alpha.

Both can reduce heart rate and reduce the catecholamines which are the stress hormones.

There are different kinds of meditation, according to the school of meditation you are following. Some are more passive than others and use visualisation to a lesser or greater extent.

Many forms of meditation begin with the exercise of focusing to clear the mind with the intention of calming the person and quieting the mind.

This focusing on absence of stimulus is central and key to most meditation teachings.

Hypnosis is unquestionably more directive and intentional. There are two kinds of hypnosis:

Heterohypnosis (someone else hypnotising you) and
Auto-hypnosis (learning to hypnotise yourself).

Hypnosis helps you focus your mind to leave the state of ordinary consciousness which is very limiting because the conscious memory is only around 20 seconds long and can only hold seven bites of information.

The unconscious mind is infinite

The unconscious mind is a vast repository of knowledge and skills that you were born with and have accumulated over your entire life.

Just think about it for a moment…that is hundreds of thousands of bites of information. In fact it is a whole library of how to do thousands of things with your mind and body.

Hypnosis reaches into your unconscious mind and makes that information available to you.

Very old vedic yogis used to use many of these skills for thousands of years but they are not taught in the way mediation is taught in the West today.

For me as a hypnotist, hypnosis serves that purposeful use better because people come to me to change their behaviours and experiences and not to contemplate the meaning of life.

I am a fast change merchant and this is what hypnosis does: it helps you achieve your goals fast, whether that is calming the mind, learning to be focused, overcoming phobias, procrastination, depression, anxiety, test nerves and a myriad of purposeful goals.

When you get control of your mind, you have control of your life

At school and in society in general we are not taught to use the host of abilities that our minds can achieve. Most schools teach children to be mindless robots ready for the workplace and production line.

Albert Einstein said he thought that we only used 10% of our minds; however, in a world where we are constantly bombarded by advertising I think that may be reduced to less.

Whatever you want to experience, hypnosis can help you locate those resources in your unconscious mind or help you create them fast.

My desired goals in life were to: to double and triple my intelligence and skills and achieve more than anyone expected of me – and hypnosis has helped me do that again and again.

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