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What are you thinking?

Amanda came to see me recently. She was 32 years old, had got fired from her job because she couldn’t get on with other staff, the lease on her apartment was near to ending, and she had no idea what she was going to do with her life next.

All she seemed to focus in life was what was going wrong for her.

I wonder if you’re doing the same?

Most people just make do with their lot. They figure that only movie stars lead fantastic lives. The truth, however, is it’s all down to the way you look at things.

If you focus on the negative, everything you experience will be negative, as you’ll be seeing it through that filter of negativity.

Every day in the news there are stories of fear, war, hate, dispute and the very rich getting richer when the poor sometimes seem to be getting poorer. It can be pretty exhausting if that’s the kind of information you’re constantly bombarded by and becomes your daily focus.

In fact, all that negative focus can cause depression, a sense of hopelessness, despondency and create a lack of hope in life and in yourself.

In other words you end up so focused on the negative and the good, positive experiences in life pass you by unnoticed.

It so happened that Amanda had a bachelor’s degree and two masters, had managed to save money, was due quite a large severance package, jobs in her industry were relatively easy to get but she had always wanted to travel and live abroad. And even though she had been fired, her employer still had to give her a reference by law.

What she really had to work on was changing the way she looked at life and other people.

Just because other people might not agree with some of her opinions didn’t mean they were attacking her. She also learnt to take the perspective that somehow everything offers some kind of opportunity, even when it might not be obvious at the time.

She decided to go and live in Paris for a few years where she had secured a position. It would be easy for her to tour Europe from there and see some of the world. This was an opportunity for her to make new friends and gain more professional experience.

What are you grateful for in your life? What are your opportunities? How can you perceive your life differently and more positively, right now?

This year has been so good for many of us in that we ate, had roofs over our heads, family, friends and meaningful ways to be in the world.

Sometimes things might not always go exactly how you want them to but when we compare our lives to those starving to death, imprisoned in slavery or without a home, we are doing pretty well.

It’s all about our focus.

If you purposefully make the decision and put in the effort to be a positive-focused person, what you see in life is endless opportunities, good people and rewarding experiences.

And this isn’t all ‘woo woo’ or living with your head in the clouds. What you are actually doing is consciously creating a positive life experience.

It does take some work to reprogram your mind in this way, but it’s so worth it.

My Positive Thinking Hypnosis program helps you to do this, quickly and easily.

So if you feel you’re focusing too much of the time on negative thoughts and what’s going wrong in your life, make a commitment to create change, now.

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