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Visualisation and Active Imagination Hypnosis

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Visualisation is one of the most effective ways to be able to run your mind creatively and efficiently.

With the Visualisation and Active Imagination Hypnosis program, very quickly and all by yourself you will be able to:

Visualise Creatively

Increase Your Motivation

Change Your Personal Life

Become More Creative at Work and in Business

This program is designed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe (DCH), a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy. Dr O’Keefe has professionally helped thousands of people, just like you, become great creative visualisers and highly motivated.

As added peace of mind, she is also a professionally trained psychotherapist, counsellor and naturopath.

So you can feel confident that you are working with a highly trained professional who can teach the mind techniques needed to easily and quickly learn to visualise and use your mind exquisitely.

You will receive your program by download on to your computer or mobile device:

1. Visualisation and Active Imagination Hypnosis video.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe will take you step by step through the program.

2. The Visualisation and Active Imagination Hypnosis audio file.

You will receive an audio file in MP3 format, so you can listen to it on your computer, mobile/cell phone or tablet device.

These innovative audio files contain hypnotic suggestions that are specifically combined with binaural beats, allowing you to achieve a deep trance state.

(Binaural beats are specially timed percussions that lead the brain into restful states.)

Combined with Dr Tracie O’Keefe’s voice taking you into a hypnotic trance, the binaural beat music on the tracks helps induce these trance states more easily.

Together they are a powerful in teaching your visualisation and how to use your active imagination

3. A comprehensive Visualisation and Active Imagination Hypnosis e-book

This e-book uses visualisation and teaches you to train your mind on how you use internal visual images to think and act and teaches you to purposefully motivate your behavior with your mind.

You will learn to think clearly

Generate new ideas

Train yourself to be focused and effective

Learn quickly and easily from a very highly experienced and talented therapist who has taught thousands of people to visualise over many years in her practice.


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