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They ran a marathon a day on a raw vegan diet

Raw food runners Janette Murray-Wakelin and her partner Alan Murray broke the world record for running the longest number of consecutive marathons.

In 2013 they ran a marathon a day across Australia for 365 days, then did one more for good measure, making a total of 366. To put this into perspective, they ran 16,000km which is equivalent to running from Sydney to New York!

Both in their 60s, Janette is a cancer survivor. In her book Raw Can Cure Cancer, she talks about how eating a raw food, vegan diet was a natural cancer cure for her and catapulted her to good health.

In this interview with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, clinical hypnotherapist and naturopath in Sydney, running world record holders Janette and Alan discuss their journey to raise awareness of health, how to beat cancer, compassion to all beings, including animals, and sustainability.

This couple are a fantastic example of how to be a healthy runner by consuming a pure vegetarian ie vegan diet.

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“We took it to an extreme for most people but we showed there are no limits when you are in optimum health. We knew we’d be in the media for a whole year and wanted to get our message out there. The point of what we did wasn’t to motivate people to run marathons but show what is possible, especially at our age.” – Janette Murray-Wakelin


Find out in this interview:

•    How Alan went from overweight, smoking and unable to run around the block 20 years ago to being able to run a half-marathon before breakfast at the age of 69.

•    How the couple financed their Running Raw Around Australia initiative

•    What they ate

•    Where they get their protein from

•    How they coped with running on the worst surface the entire trip around Australia

•    How many pairs of shoes they got through and the innovative place they stored them

•    How many injuries and blisters they got from running (the answer may surprise you!)

•    What happened when Janette’s 86-year-old father went raw vegan overnight

•    And much more

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“As we went on, we got stronger, running faster – not more exhausted. It got better, so with every step we got younger. You’re never too old or young to make these changes to your health.” – Alan Murray

[/feature_box] [feature_box style=”13″ title=”Crowdfunding%20for%20Running%20Out%20of%20Time%20Documentary” alignment=”center”] Janette and Alan Murray-Wakelin are currently raising funds for a documentary to be made about them and their wonderful achievements and to spread the word about health, sustainability and compassion to all beings.

Sydney filmmaker Jon-Michael Mooney is putting together Running Out of Time which is billed as “An exciting adventure around Australia that will introduce its audience to the benefits of a raw vegan diet” and will include expert interviews.

Contribute to their Indiegogo campaign.

Janette Murray-Wakelin Alan Murray, Tracie O'Keefe outside the Australian Health & Education Centre in Glebe, Sydney, AustraliaFind out more about Janette and Alan at their website Running Raw Around Australia

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