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The X factor in business

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Not everyone is born with or develops the X factor that enable them to run a successful business as an adult.

While education can help people do well within the employment environment, it is not enough to teach people to excel in business.


Some people seem to have the X factor from a very young age and others, like me, learnt it from other people. Although my childhood was one of poverty, I was fortunate enough to spend time with a series of people in my early life who taught me the X factor in business.

So what is this X factor that successful business owners have that I am talking about?

The X factor differentiates working people, who will remain employees their entire lives, from business owners and leaders. It is set of attitudes and skills, all of which can be learned.

Of course you have to be willing to learn and be moulded

  1. The first attitude begins with the absolute willingness to learn, learn and learn again

Every day of my life I am looking for new things to learn and people to learn from that will help my business go forward.

The biggest block for most people is dealing with your own ego and admitting to yourself that there are areas of ignorance in your life and you need education.

  1. The second attitude is a willingness to go to the wire

Getting out of your comfort zone is essential to expand your own abilities and to create and run a growing healthy business. The world changes and those who snooze lose. Complacency is not an option.

Tomorrow is never the day to push your business forward because today is your opportunity for profit and profit belongs to the brave.

Just recently I worked with a woman who went from assets of $40,000 to over $1,000,000 in six months. She worked incredibly hard and stretched herself to her limits. Despite moments of massive self-doubt, she kept on relentlessly pushing through, until she reached her goal. She went to the wire.

  1. The third attitude is a willingness to pay to play – to have skin in the game.

Business and people moving money do not want to hang out with people who are not prepared to be ready to deal and spend money.

If you are not buying, no one is interested what you are selling. Money has to move around and successful people spend what they need to spend to make their business successful.

Successful people can smell at 50 metres someone who is not in it to win it by moving the money around.

Skills are important too

The X factor requires you to learn thousands of skills which will help you be successful in business.

The only way you can do that is when you have adopted the first three attitudes outlined above. That does not mean you have to be able to do everything – far from it – but it does mean you need the skills to be the director of you own business’s and staff’s activities.

Oh and a quick note on multi-tasking

Successful people are always multitasking. It is part of their X factor make-up.

As Steve jobs said, “What do I do? I’m the conductor – like in an orchestra.”

Are you willing to learn how to become a better business person?

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