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The secrets of being organised – and why it’s essential to success

How organised are you?

Do you plan ahead well?

Are you just trying to get from day to day?

Does it always seem as if you’re on the back foot?

Most people are not well organised. You may do something if it’s convenient but not necessarily because it’s required to reach your goals.

You may make emotional excuses like, ”Oh I don’t feel like that at the moment.” Or sabotage your goal by asking, “Why should I have to do all this stuff?”

All people who are successful in life and successful at anything are very well organised

Intelligence has little to do with organisational skill

Many years ago I worked with one of the country’s leading doctors in a particular field and he was also a world board game champion. While he was highly organised at work, at home one disaster followed another. He’d return from work or a tournament and the electricity would be cut off or the car repossessed because he’d forgotten to pay his bills. He was so busy being an intellectual he neglected his domestic life.

Organisational skills are a practised habit

I also worked with a man who wanted to learn to read at 55 years old. He was from a poor background with no education, yet he ran a multi-million-dollar company that was about to go public on the stock exchange.

No one knew he couldn’t read. His personal assistant read letters to him and took dictation so she never knew either. He knew everyone in his company and kept the figures of how they were doing in his head so when he met with the accounts team, he could tell them what was happening. Everything in his life worked like clockwork and he never avoided any task that needed his attention.

The difference between the two people was that the second set his stress threshold higher.

To him nothing was too much trouble or a pain to do but just another item on his list to tackle. Dogmatically he went from one task to another at the appointed times, never complained and embraced his responsibility fully. If he told someone he would do something, that’s what he’d do.

When he learnt to read it was just another thing on his list that he got around to when he prioritised it to be necessary.

Here are the secrets of organised people:

  • Always keep lists, with the most important tasks at the top, and prioritise those
  • See the tasks on those lists not as chores but as welcome opportunities to take you towards reaching and maintaining a happy life
  • If it’s a task you can delegate, do so, but if it’s a task you need to do, jump right in and make it happen
  • Constantly revise your lists, adding new options to achieve whatever you need to achieve
  • Be someone who follows through on what you say to others and yourself
  • Focus on gratitude for all your opportunities to create your life as you want it to be and not simply seeing it as a matter of fate

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