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The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on your Life

Drugalcohol2-300x175All substance abuse leads to problems. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Some people can have an occasional drink of alcohol and some take an occasional drug. If you have or have had a problem with drugs and alcohol abuse, that is not you. You are not an occasional user and you never will be.

Some people are unable to keep control once they start to take intoxicating, mind-altering substances. They may be recreational substances or even prescription drugs that were intended to offer benefit but you became addicted to them.

When you lose control you are an addict. Let’s not pretend otherwise regardless of the substance involved.

Substance abusers can very quickly begin to lose their health. The body goes under stress, the liver is unable to cope and the nervous system becomes unable to function in a healthy and efficient way.

Blood vessels begin to collapse, the heart goes under stress and some people may end up having to have their limbs amputated.

The nerve messages to your brain become confused and intermittent so your thought processes become of very poor quality. Therefore judgment becomes impaired and you become a poor decision maker.

Psychologically you begin to make a series of poor decisions, one after the other. This has detrimental effects on your career or work prospects.

You also begin to lose the kind of rational thinking you need to keep your feet on the ground. You begin to put yourself in dangerous situations that not only threaten your physical body but also your mental state.

Then the problems with your family and friends arrive.

You begin to become estranged and isolated from them. The very people you may need at a time like this become distant from you.

You may hang out with other substance abusers who are in the same situation and become embedded into the substance abuse culture. You are a ship at sea with no anchor and no grasp on reality. You have ‘lost it’. You are in danger of not knowing when you are in danger.

Now comes the effects on your family and friends. They stay awake at night worrying about you. Are you alive? Have you drunk yourself to death? Taken an overdose? Miscalculate the amount you took? Have you driven your car off a cliff?

They live with the fact that there may be a knock at the door one day by the police, holding their hats in their hands, delivering the final news.

Then they grieve and spend the rest of their lives tormenting themselves about what they did not do, did do or should have done.

It does not matter who you are or what you do, addiction affects the whole of society, and addicts come from all walks of society.

Addiction will destroy anyone’s life and kill you in the end.

You can fix all that so very easily by changing the direction of your life and becoming clean and sober.

Life, however, is all about choices and you have the right to make any choice you wish. I have seen many people clean up their lives and lead absolutely wonderful clean and sober lives after recovery.

Let’s not pretend that couldn’t be you.



  1. I grabbed on to a link today that someone posted on twitter and it led me to you and your posts. I just wanted to let you know that I re tweeted a post and really like the content of your page and what information you share. I am impressed and wanted to say thank you.-Angie, substance abuse counselor

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