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The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Smoking1-300x206This has to be one of the easiest articles I have ever written. There are just so many benefits from stopping smoking that you will find out about as you stop smoking and some others I will tell you about that you might not know.

Healthy lungs

Let us start with the lungs as the doorway to your life. The very first and vital statistic that all first aiders learn is checking the airway because without sufficient oxygen the patient will die.

In medicine the lungs are the number one priority. When you stop smoking your lungs’ efficiency to extract oxygen from the air increases dramatically.

The lungs are made up of fine tissue paper like material that is the size of a football pitch all folded together.

Nicotine not only causes the lungs to be blocked with a black tar-like substance from the burnt nicotine but also gives rise to lowered immune efficiency and longer low-lying infections.

When you tap on the lungs of a smoker they sound more solid than non-smokers, which mean they have unwanted mucus inside them that prevents oxygen exchange for carbon dioxide.

That lack of sufficient oxygen affects the whole body lowering its efficiency to re-oxygenate tissue, deal with viruses and bacteria and make organs work well.

When you stop smoking, your lungs will work better, you will feel better and if you ever get a lung infection, cold or flu, you will recover better.

With smokers, even the proficiency of the brain is compromised. Yes non smokers are smarter!

Your heart will function better

The second most important medical function is the heart. It is a beautiful muscle, so strong, unlike any other muscle in the body. It beats over a billion times during your life. It even has its own blood supply.

The heart asks for two things to keep doing its amazing job of pumping your blood around your body: oxygen and fuel. It is so strong that if you held it in your hand, as long as it has oxygen and fuel, it may continue to beat up to an hour outside the body.

To get that oxygen and fuel to the heart, the blood vessels must be clear so that the blood can get through. Smoking encourages plaque in the heart (atherosclerosis), which is a combination of fat, cholesterol and calcium which cuts of the heart blood supply, resulting in coronary heart disease, heart attack and death.

When you stop smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle your chances of coronary heart disease fall considerably and you become at a much lower risk of heart attack and other cardio vascular diseases such as stroke, seizures, senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Almost everyone who stops smoking reports their breathing is better and they generally have a considerably lower level of risk from all major diseases.

Feeling good is certainly a large incentive to stop smoking. Keeping healthy and keeping moving is one the essential keys to longevity and quality of life.

Did you know that if you smoked from the ages of 15 to 75 the money you would spend would buy you a house and a minimum of three investment properties?

That, of course, is if you were a passive investor. If you were a more active investor you could retire when you were 50. Think about that very carefully!

Social benefits of stopping smoking

There are, of course, the social benefits to stopping smoking. To be honest, you will smell better. Did you know that non-smokers can smell the bitter smell of tobacco smoke on smokers’ clothes from several metres away?

This often means that non-smokers actually socially avoid smokers and deselect them as potential mates.

To a non-smoker the smell of tobacco smoke is often quite revolting. Their bodies recognise it as poison and they may sub-consciously avoid you if you are a smoker.

To non-smokers kissing a smoker is like kissing an old ashtray. So in stopping smoking you actually become more attractive to the majority of us who are non-smokers.

Becoming a non-smoker is a win-win situation. There is absolutely nothing but benefits to becoming a non-smoker. You will love it and it will be one of the best things you have ever done in your life and you will never ever regret it.

You will look back in years to come and say, “Wasn’t I smart to have stopped smoking.”






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