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Shocking facts revealed about anxiety and depression

More people in Australia are anxious than depressed, according to the results of a survey published last week into the state of the nation’s health. The Alere Wellness Index, powered by Roy Morgan Research, tracks Australia’s health over time. It […]

Mind Control and Hypnosis

We are all born with different-shaped brains and bodies, even if you started life as an identical twin. While in the womb there are so many influences on the way our brains develop, including nutrition, oxygen levels, environmental toxins, position […]

Improve Your Singing With Hypnosis

Let me preface this article by saying there are so many different kinds of singing, and each have their own merits. Along with that go different melodic scales such as the Arabic, Chinese, Indian and European melodics and harmonisations. With […]

Hypnosis Can Help Your Children Sleep

Babies generally know how to sleep and one of the greatest achievements a parent has when the baby is six or seven months is getting the baby to sleep through the night. After two years old, when they can walk […]

Bullying Recovery Hypnosis

Are you being bullied at the moment? Is the bullying you are suffering making life at school, work or home unbearable?
Is the bullying driving you to suicide?

Phobia Solutions Hypnosis: Crowds

Are you afraid of being in a crowd?
So many people become uncomfortable when they find themselves around other people, at both large and small gatherings. Perhaps you are afraid of specific crowds or crowds of people in general.

Phobia Solutions Hypnosis: Dying

Many people are afraid of dying. They become obsessed with the idea that they might die and that severely restricts their life stopping them going places and doing things.

Confidence Building Hypnosis

Do you have a lack of confidence either personally or in business?
Do you hide rather than meet new people?
Is your lack of confidence impacting on you being able to live your life fully and embrace new opportunities?
If you answered yes to any…

Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis

One of the most effective ways to stop smoking is by the help of hypnosis. For over 100 years hypnotherapists throughout the world have been helping people with stopping smoking programs since the early 20th century. Hypnosis has been used […]