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Bullying Recovery Hypnosis

Are you being bullied at the moment? Is the bullying you are suffering making life at school, work or home unbearable?
Is the bullying driving you to suicide?

What to Do if You are Being Bullied at School

School can be the hardest time of your life. You are taught to be competitive from a very early age. It starts with the game of tag in the playground, progresses to competitive sports and then gets more competitive when […]

What to Do if You are Being Bullied at Home

As a therapist, each month I see many people who talk about how they felt they were bullied at home when they were children. They may be still carrying around the psychological scars of the bullying. They may still experience […]

How to Overcome Being Bullied in the Workplace

Who would have imagined that as you grew up and went to work that you might get bullied but it happens. Sometimes that bullying is very intentional and sometimes it may just be an overly enthusiastic person trying to raise […]

How to Tell if You are Being Bullied

Being bullied is a horrible experience. There can be an overwhelming sense that you have been disempowered. You can feel as if somehow you have been separated out for victimisation. There is a fine line between persuasion and bullying. In […]