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Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

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Do you grind your teeth uncontrollably? Many people grind their teeth (Bruxism). They do it to such an extent that the teeth begin to get damaged, split, get ground down, dislodged, become out of alignment and the gums begin to bleed.

The other major complication that happens is that the jaw joint begins to get locked, goes out of line and becomes extremely painful (Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome: TMJ). You may even have spent a lot of money on dental guard to separate your upper and lower jaw to pervert the grinding, but that hasn’t fixed the behaviour. Other people may also get annoyed with you constantly grinding you teeth, especially if you do it at night and wake your partner up.

Why do you grind your teeth? People grind teeth for a number of reasons. You may have problems with the levels and alignment of your teeth. In such cases your dentist may need to grind down some teeth to bring them into better alignment so you do don’t need to grind them down yourself to close your mouth properly.

But the majority of people who grind their teeth do it because of uncontrolled tension in the jaw joint. The jaw joint is a flash point for body tension to be released.

Have can Bruxism be helped with hypnosis?

Teeth grinding is a physiological habit and behaviour. As with all physiological habits they can be reprogrammed through hypnosis. You can learn new reactions to tension through suggestions delivered deep into your unconscious mind during this Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis MP3 recording, which reduces and eliminates the teeth grinding.

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