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Stop Procrastination Hypnosis

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Product Description

Do you procrastinate?

Are you one of those people who have a torturous time making clear decisions?

Will you constantly avoid or not finish tasks?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, it’s probably having a detrimental effect on your life. Procrastinators rarely get out of the starting blocks in life or they sit by when the opportunities of a lifetime pass by the end of their noses. They constantly fail to achieve.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. You simply need help to be more focused and goal directed.

This program is designed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, a professional clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist and naturopath, who has helped thousands of people learn better decision-making skills. For many years she has helped people become more motivated to achieve their goals and dreams in life.

The program is specifically designed to help you stop procrastinating and move towards goal directed behaviours. Goal directed behaviour is where you set goals and then activate strategies to take you directly towards achieving those goals.

All decisions have risks but procrastinators avoid making decisions in the first place. This can be devastating to your life. If that is you, this program will help you to be a better decision maker so you can go forward in life to take advantage of opportunities instead of letting them pass you by.

Let’s look at what you will receive:

1. The Stop Procrastination Hypnosis: Goal Directed Thinking video.

You can participate in the program from the comfort of your own home in private. There is no need to make appointments or travel. You can review the video at a pace that suits you and as often as you need.

2. The Stop Procrastination Hypnosis: Goal Directed Thinking audio file.

You will receive an audio file in MP3 format, so you can listen to it on your computer, mobile/cell phone or tablet device.

The relaxing audio file contains hypnotic suggestions that are specifically combined with binaural beats, allowing you to achieve a deep trance state. You change while you relax.

(Binaural beats are specially timed percussions that lead the brain into restful states).

Combined with Dr Tracie O’Keefe’s voice taking you into a hypnotic trance, the binaural beat music on the tracks helps induce these trance states more easily.

Together they provide a powerful tool to help you move towards goal directed thinking and behaviours.

3. A comprehensive e-book

The e-book uses cognitive behavioural therapy and teaches you motivation and the skills you need to act in goal directed way.

Take the decision to improve your life by learning to be a better decision maker today. You will receive your download immediately after payment.

This is your opportunity to break those old procrastination habits and move towards being someone who is respected for completing tasks and sticking to their word. If you act now that could be you!

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