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Stop Nail Biting & Cuticle Picking Hypnosis

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Product Description

How are your hands? The condition of your hands says a great deal about you and your personality at first glance. They are like your eyes and face: they tell a story.

What story do your hands tell? If your nails are bitten down and the cuticles torn off it gives the impression that you really do not care very much about the way you present yourself. It doesn’t matter how expensive the handbag you are carrying or how smart the suit you are wearing, if your hands are in bad condition, people will notice.

Do you hide your hands? Maybe you are one of those people who sits on their hands so other people are unable to see their bitten nails. Perhaps you sit there in front of other people tearing the cuticles off your fingers.

Are you talking with your hands? Just like Italians it is very good to use your hands to talk and express the meaning of your communications. Using hand gestures emphasises the meaning of the things you say to other people. If you are someone who is always hiding their hands because you are embarrassed by them, it gives the impression you are hiding something in your hands and that you are deceptive.

By using this Stop Nail Biting and Cuticle Picking Hypnosis MP3 recording, your behaviour programs can be changed and you can quickly and effectively stop nail biting and cuticle picking, as suggestions are made deep into your unconscious mind.

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