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Stop Hair Pulling Hypnosis

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Are you a hair puller? Do you sit there in front of other people constantly twiddling with your locks?
Many people are hair pullers, twisters, yankers and twiddlers. It can be very embarrassing and have disastrous consequences to your scalp and hair.

Has your hair thinned? If you constantly play with your hair, it’s likely you will lose more hair than other people. The hair thins much more quickly as you get older.

Do you have bald patches? Many hair pullers suffer from alopecia areata (bald patches) all over different parts of the scalp. The roots of the hair have become so traumatised that they have come clean out of their follicle. In some cases this may be tempered but repeated traumatisation of the hair roots can lead to permanent baldness because the blood vessels that feed the hair may also be damaged.

Does your hair pulling make you look really odd? Just imagine for moment that you were sitting in front of some who kept pulling on their hair as they were talking to you. It would be pretty distracting, right? Would you think they were not giving you their full attention? Would you get the impression they are really not in control of themselves?
How nervous do you look? Imagine once again that you might not look particularly confident as you sit there pulling your hair. What impression do other people get of you when you do this?

Hair pulling is simply a physical habit that can be stopped with hypnosis by reprogramming your behaviour deep inside your unconscious mind.

Using this Stop Hair Pulling Hypnosis MP3 file, created by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and naturopath, you can quickly stop your hair pulling habit.

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