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Stop Bedwetting Hypnosis (10 Years and Over)

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Product Description

Have you suffered embarrassment through bed wetting?

If that is you, you will be ready to make a change in the way your body and mind works so you can have a dry bed after a night’s sleep.

Are you unable to go away and stay in hotel or stay over with friends because you’re afraid of waking up with a wet bed?

It’s awful when you’re so restricted because you’re afraid you may wet the bed and everyone is embarrassed by what’s happened. People think you’re being antisocial and may not know the reason why you don’t travel.

Perhaps you might be terrified to be afraid to go out with someone in case after nights of intimacy you wake up together with a wet bed, so you just don’t date because it’s all too scary. Maybe you’d really like to have a dry bed as part of normal life, every morning.
How could hypnosis help you get over your bed wetting?

By you enjoying hypnosis your unconscious mind can be reprogrammed to waking up at the right time to go to the bathroom. Suggestions can be made deep into your unconscious mind so that you rid yourself of that unwanted bed wetting habit.

With this downloadable audio MP3 file (with hypnotic suggestions by Dry Tracie O’Keefe DCH and binaural beats to help you go deeper into trance), you will be free to have a good night and dry bed in the morning so you can travel and be confident that you’ll wake up in the mornings with no embarrassment.

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