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Speaking and Presenting

“Dr Tracie O’Keefe was one of our featured speakers at the Women and Depression Conference.  She delivered a most engaging presentation which was both thought provoking and entertaining.  It was obvious to me that the audience were deeply entrained and that the content of Dr O’Keefe’s presentation was useful to many.  She was a definite enhancement to our Conference.”

–    Anique Duc, Organiser, Women and Depression Conference


“Tracie O’Keefe is a wise and empathic speaker who genuinely cares about the audience.  This can be seen in the way she brings her wealth of practical professional skills to every event as a presenter. Tracie was highly sought after for further consultation by our Natural Therapies for Women Forum participants.  I have enjoyed Tracie’s presentations at a diverse range of events, and highly recommend her as a speaker.”

– Georgina Abrahams, Social Worker; Director, Creative Womyn Down Under


“Tracie was an engaging and informative presenter on the pressing topic of avoiding burnout. More importantly, her insights and advice were relevant and useful. As a result, those in attendance came away with a practical and inspirational approach to maintaining balance in their lives for years to come.”

–    Elizabeth Usher, Organiser, APE (Animals, People, Environment) Seminar



“Tracie has presented at two of our conferences. She speaks well and clearly knows her subject. She is an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker and is also an author of distinction.”

–   Alice Purnell, OBE, Organiser, Gendys Conferences, Manchester University



“You were wonderful and made quite an impression on my students. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and peaceful. Participants listened to you with great intensity and respect. I rarely get the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people like you.”

–    Jean-Remi Lapaire, Professor of Linguistics, University of Toulouse, France



“Tracie is always generous in sharing her high level of expertise. Attendees were highly engaged and entertained. It’s a pleasure to have Tracie speak at our events.”

–    Lydia Deukmedjian, NSW State Executive Officer, Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association



“It was a privilege for the AHA to have you join us for the World Hypnotherapy Conference and share your expertise. Your lecture was educational and informative and was a highlight for many of our delegates. I received many positive comments from therapists expressing how they would incorporate the techniques you shared into their own practices.”

–    Antoine Matarasso, National President, Australian Hypnotherapists Association



“Tracie speaks eloquently and articulately and has a gift for connecting with her audiences to deliver great value and useful takeaways. We were delighted to have her present on resilience and plant-based eating at the Sydney Vegan Expo and I’m happy to recommend her as a speaker/presenter.”

– Greg McFarlane, Director, Vegan Australia


“We were lucky enough to witness the lovely Dr Tracie O’Keefe speak at one of our Success Women’s Network events.

“Dr Tracie has an amazing take on business. Her cool and calm delivery with simple yet profound techniques for business success was a great combination for a wonderful presentation.

“If you are looking for a professional speaker who engages your audience, I would highly recommend Dr Tracie.”

– Natalie Moutia Founder of Success Women’s Network & Business


“Tracie is unique in her ability to combine charisma and good teaching skills. Not only did she give us a very well rounded and clear insight into how she deals with eating disorder problems, but many practical tools as well. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation for the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and hope to get her back for another presentation in the future.”

– Lyndall Briggs, President, ASCH