IMPORTANT: Details for Tracie O’Keefe’s Suicide Prevention & Treatment of Trans, Intersex & Other Sex and/or Gender Diverse Patients webinar

Please read ALL the below carefully.

We are looking forward to you attending the 90-minute webinar Suicide Prevention & Treatment of Trans, Intersex & Other Sex and/or Gender Diverse Patients: An Introduction.

This webinar takes place on Wednesday 22 June @ 7PM AEST Sydney, Australia time.

As this is an online webinar, in order for this to be considered a Category A mental health training and for you to gain the Certificate of Attendance, certain conditions need to apply. To gain your training points you need to comply to the conditions below.

Here is what you must do to prepare:

1.     You must be present for the whole of the training and be on time. Zoom logs the time you’re on the call and we can only issue Certificates of Attendance and points if you remain on the webinar for the full duration.


2.     The material is about suicide and death. If this triggers you, please seek professional help.

3.     You must be in a room alone throughout the training so other people cannot overhear the training. Being in a room with others and just having headphones on is not acceptable. The training is strictly for healthcare professionals and contains sensitive material.

4.     You need to be using headphones at all times.

5.     The training is conducted by Zoom Webinar so you may need to install Zoom in advance (it’s free) and practice using it, or join from the browser link.

6.     There will be a short online test at the end of the session – again this is necessary for you to get the proper CPD points for the training, so please make sure you stay for this and complete it.

7.     Ensure you have good internet connection and make sure you have sufficient snacks and water in the room with you.

The Zoom link to join the webinar has been sent to you by email.