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Phobia Solutions Through Hypnosis

Phobia2-300x200Hypnosis is a marvellous way to help people get over phobias or reduce inappropriate phobic reactions. It is easy and pleasant to experience hypnosis and you can become rehabilitated quite quickly.

Inappropriate phobic reactions happen when you are in an alarm state. You are in the ‘fight or flight response’ when you perceive yourself as facing something dangerous.

That something or someone is the stimulus that sets off the inappropriate phobic reaction.

So every time you have a phobic reaction you go into the alarm state when other people do not. You are experiencing a false reading in the present about the danger levels associated with the stimulus that may be based on a distant past experience.

The past does not exist anymore, except in your mind, but you are still behaving as if you were in the past. Your experience is subjective, from within.

The first good thing that hypnosis can do here is to bring you out of the alarm state (fight or flight response) so that you will be able to behave calmly and rationally.

There is a nerve that goes from the primitive brain at the back of your head to the frontal cortex at the front of your head. This nerve lights up when you are in the fight or flight response.

As you go into deep hypnosis this nerve is disconnected so you automatically come out of the fight or flight state as you receive suggestions about how you are able to be comfortable around the stimulus.

During hypnosis you can be desensitised to the stimulus so that it takes on a more innocuous character for you. You become less sensitive to the stimulus in future and you do not go into the appropriate phobic reaction.

This is re-enforced in hypnosis by suggestion so it makes new neural pathways in the brain and becomes a new automatic unconscious pattern.

We are in fact replacing the old phobic behavioural programming with the updated phobic-free program and overriding the first experience, just like you would be doing with your computer operating systems every few years.

Added to this hypnosis used with therapeutic suggestions can help you change the way your mind works so your thought and behaviour patterns are changed towards the stimulus.

This changing of the programs inside your mind enables you to be able to cope much better in the presence of the stimulus.

As a therapist I also use cognitive behavioural change outside hypnosis to speed the process along. Cognitive work is about changing the way you are thinking. Behavioural work is about changing the way you are acting.

While I do not think cognitive behavioural therapy alone is enough, and is too slow to treat extreme inappropriate phobic reactions, it is very effective when coupled with hypnosis.

The good news is that with the help of hypnosis you can change the way you react to the stimulus and look forward to a more comfortable life.

Overcoming a phobia is fast when you are committed to making it happen – like any other therapy, only quicker.


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