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Phobia Solutions Hypnosis: Tunnels

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Are you afraid of tunnels?

Many people suffer from a phobia about going through tunnels. This can occur at any time of your life. For some people this may be around certain kinds of tunnels, particular tunnels or tunnels in certain place. Others have an extreme fear of going through any kind of tunnel. This may include the underground, metro or tube, a traffic tunnel under the ground, mountain, river sea or bay area, a railway tunnel, canal tunnel, pedestrian tunnels or even service tunnels for buildings.

How did you get to be afraid of tunnels?

You may always been afraid of what you perceive as an enclosed space from which you believe you couldn’t escape. In such cases you may see all or certain tunnels as a potential place of imprisonment from which there is no route out if anything goes wrong like fire, crash or flooding. Perhaps you experienced an incident in a tunnel that scared you and you panicked. Or you may have listened to frightening stories about all the things that might go wrong in tunnels.

How does the fear of tunnels restrict your life?

It may mean you are left at home when other people are going out for the day on and adventure that may involve passing through a tunnel. It may mean that you are only able to work in places near you so you don’t encounter a transport system that involves tunnels. Perhaps you have to walk all the way down the road to use a bridge because you can’t use the pedestrian tunnel.

How would your life be easier if you were more comfortable with tunnels?

This Phobia Solutions Hypnosis program, developed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, is excellent at helping people get over the fear of tunnels.

It comprises a downloadable:
Audio MP3 file (with hypnotic suggestions by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH and binaural beats to help you go deeper into trance)

Suggestions are made deep into your unconscious mind, which help you become more comfortable using tunnels, setting you free to carry on with your life in a normal way.

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