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Phobia Solutions Hypnosis: Flying

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Product Description

Fear of flying is a very common phobia. Many people, just at the last moment, before a plane takes off, demand to get off because their fear has debilitated them.

Are you one of those people who can’t get on an aeroplane in the first place? Perhaps you go as far as travelling to the airport and then have to go home again?

Are you one of those people who panic as soon as the cabin crew close the doors and you break into a sweat, pleading and begging to get off the plane?

And if you do manage to stay for take-off, maybe you are embarrassed that in mid-flight you start pressing the bell for the attendant and demand to know that everything is all right, just because the plane hit an air pocket and the seat belt light is on?

You don’t have to live like this. You can overcome your phobia of flying using hypnosis and cognitive behavioural change.

Yes there is way forward for you.

So many people have overcome their fear of flying and gone on to act in a calm and rational manner around aeroplanes and helicopters.

Hypnosis reaches deep into your unconscious mind and helps change the programs that govern your behaviours.

It helps unplug your fear, calms you right down and helps you to be able to see flying differently.

Using this Phobia Solutions Hypnosis program, developed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and naturopath, you will reduce your fear of flying and learn to enjoy being able to travel vast distances, fast and comfortably.

This program comprises a downloadable:

Audio MP3 file (with hypnotic suggestions by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH and binaural beats to help you go deeper into trance)

It will enable you to go on planes for business trips, go island hopping in a helicopter and take holidays with your family, travel with comfort and have the confidence to fly any destination internationally as well as take regular domestic flights.

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