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Phobia Solutions Hypnosis: Claustrophobia

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Product Description

A lot of people experience a fear of enclosed spaces.

Are you one of those people who can’t go into a lift, small room, someone’s tiny office, or get into a car?

Are you one of those people who is restricted socially, work wise and confined to a life that excludes normal social interaction when it involves small spaces?

Are you embarrassed about your inability to earn a living because you’re stuck at home for fear of being cornered somewhere where you might think you would be unable to escape from?

The good news is you can overcome your phobia of small spaces, using hypnosis and cognitive behavioural change.

Yes there is this is way forward for you.

Many people before you have overcome their phobia of enclosed spaces.

Hypnosis reaches deep into your unconscious mind and helps change the programs that govern your behaviours.

It helps unplug your fear, calm you right down and helps you to be able to be more mobile and be on your own and with others in smaller spaces.

Using this Phobia Solutions Hypnosis program, developed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and naturopath, you will reduce your fear of small and enclosed spaces, as well as learning to appreciate that you can accommodate yourself wherever you are.

This program comprises a downloadable:

•    Video
•    Audio MP3 file (with hypnotic suggestions by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH and binaural beats to help you go deeper into trance)
•    E-book

It will set you free to go to travel in lifts, drive in cars, go camping in a tent, stay in a caravan, sail in a boats and control yourself, whatever space you might find yourself in.

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