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Overcoming Gambling Hypnosis

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Product Description

Are you fed up of being a loser?

Do others around you complain about your gambling?

Is it finally time for you to quit gambling?

Have you finally wised up that it is better to have your money in the bank than have someone else have your money in their bank?

Are you tired of gambling?

Is gambling destroying your life?

This Stop Gambling Hypnosis program has been designed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and specialist in addiction recovery. She has professionally helped thousands of people, just like you, to be finally free from addiction.

As added peace of mind, she is also a professionally trained and highly experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and naturopath.

The Stop gambling Hypnosis program offers a supporting treatment that:

targets your unconscious mind, giving you the power to break addictive behaviours
retrains your brain to think like a non-gambler, letting you embrace a life of addiction-free living
changes your reactions to gambling, helping you reject the very idea of doing it

It is designed to help you become gambling-free in 28 days.

You will receive your Stop Gambling program by download on to your computer, which you can then transfer to your mobile or tablet device.

No embarrassing questions
No appointments
No travel time

And once you receive it, you can start straight away!

You will receive:

1. The Stop Gambling Hypnosis Program video

Dr O’Keefe will take you step by step through the program.
You can watch the video from the comfort of your own home.
There is no need to make appointments or travel.
You can review the video at a pace that suits you and as often as you need.

2. The Stop Gambling Hypnosis Program audio files

You will receive 2 complete audio files in MP3 format, so you can listen to them on your computer, mobile/cell phone or tablet device.

These innovative audio files contain hypnotic suggestions that are specifically combined with binaural beats, allowing you to achieve a deep trance state.(Binaural beats are specially timed percussions that lead the brain into restful states.)

Combined with Dr O’Keefe’s voice taking you into a hypnotic trance, the binaural beat music on the tracks helps to induce these trance states more easily. Together they provide a powerful tool in your fight to live gambling free.

3. A comprehensive e-book

This e-book uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help change your behaviour.

For far less than you probably spend supporting your gambling in one hour, the only thing you really have to lose is your gambling addiction.

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