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Ordinary does not lead to success or make money!

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I laughed today. I posted the picture below of me dancing in the garden on social media. Someone commented, “Where are the wires?”


This goes to the core of how we see other people through stereotypes.

There was the presupposition that just because I’m 60 I should have a walking stick and be on the road to decrepitude. In other words, living the life according to pessimistic stereotyping of someone my age.

The comment was a challenge to the very idea I might be able to dance, jump higher, run longer, and swim faster than someone a third of my age.

Although they likely meant it as a light-hearted jest, the commenter was limiting me by their view of the world.

I was supposed to be ordinary.

But here’s the bottom line:

Ordinary does not test your limits or allow you to be become very successful in business and life.

If you are striving to be ordinary, you are going to have a limiting life. You will find it difficult to overcome life’s trials and tribulations. You will be unlikely to surpass yourself to achieve your dreams because you expect nothing of yourself but the ordinary.

Ordinary people do not change the world as that is left to those who become extraordinary.

If you want to be successful or wealthy, you have to get out of your comfort zone, big time.

At times that may be uncomfortable, even painful, but you do it anyway because those growing pains are part of your learning processes.

Every time you run back into your comfort zone, you have left the game and you are no longer challenging yourself.

So am I competitive? You bet. I’m always competing with myself to be better than I am now and I always will.

Am I competing with others? Sure, and why would I not?

You will hear me say it again and again and again: “There are no prizes for being last.”

Those of you who have met me know that I am always asking you to be the best you can be because I truly believe you have the potential to be more than you presently are. Yes, I will love you just the way you are now, but as a therapist and trainer I want the best for you – whatever you believe that is and whatever dreams you want to fulfil.

No matter how big or small your dreams, you fulfil them by being an ordinary person acting in an extraordinary way.

Don’t expect other people playing the ordinary game to get it. They won’t, because they are invested in their stereotyping of you as ordinary.

If you want to be overtly happy, overcome addiction, an exceptionally calm person, an athlete or wealthy, you need to become the extraordinary you that you then turn into being part of the ordinary you.

To do that, you have to stop playing the ordinary game first.

Are you ready to be unnerved and shaken up?

Good. Remember, all new experiences are strange to begin with as it is the nature of the learning curve.

Is it your time to become extraordinary?

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