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#1 Amazon Best Seller

My seventh book has hit the #1 Best Seller list on Amazon. Inspiration for Survive and Prosper is a practical book that will help you to recover from any crisis or trauma – fast.ISP-Book-3D-260x242

You’ll learn:
•    How to recover fast, no matter how serious the crisis you experienced
•    How to make the transformation from survival-thinking to prosper-thinking
•    How to move beyond your crisis to start living an even more rewarding life
•    How to get over feelings of anxiety, depression and of being stuck and put yourself squarely on the fast track to a better life
•    How to heal the emotional wounds that are holding you back from the satisfying life you deserve
•    How to build the solid foundation you need to deal with life and stressful events more effectively
•    How to ensure your trauma becomes something that happened to you and not something that defines you
•    How to become resilient in the face of adversity
And much more.

The print book is $25 and the ebook is just $8.97 from Amazon.

Buy the print book.

Buy the ebook.

Enjoy 🙂


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