With Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

How to Make Money from
$1 to $10,000,000


3-Day Live Event in Sydney:
17, 18, 19 March 2017

Have you ever wanted to not to have to worry about the bills? 

I know your answer is likely to be ‘yes’. 

Let’s face it  There are the medical expenses, school fees, mortgage, life insurance, utilities and goodness know how many other expenses that drain your bank account each day. 

Unless you’re living in a cave and eating from the wild forest it’s unlikely that your job is going to give you enough money to live the way you want.

The MONEY MONEY MONEY MINDSET  is what you need to learn to lead a comfortable life and take care of your family

Learn from me...the ‘freak’ who beat all the odds and ended up with multi-million-dollar assets


Bored of that tired old job going nowhere? 

Let’s be honest, most jobs have limited prospects. It’s someone else’s business so they are taking the profit, not you. 

You could work for 50 years and still not have enough to retire in comfort. 

The government isn’t going to keep you in the lifestyle you’d like to be living in and grow old in safely.

Are you working for yourself and while business is ticking over, you never seem to be joining the millionaires club?

Then it’s time to run your business more successfully to make and accumulate wealth.

To do this, you have to change your mindset.

Running a small business alone won’t make you rich. Only by learning from those who know how to operate and think wealthy will you breakthrough your economic limitations. 

The truth is, most people walk away from trainings with the same mindset they started with, so they never put into action what they learnt. Then they whinge and complain the training didn’t work when in reality it is they who didn’t put the work in. 

Perhaps this may even have been you?

Are you ready to change your brain?

I know what it takes to be successful and will help you to go in that direction. I will teach you how to run a business as well as adopt the mindset of a winner and the strategies you need to build your wealth.

Just so you know: I don’t pull punches. If I think you’re slacking and trying to stay in your comfort zone, I will tell you straight. Wealthy people shoot from the hip as we don’t have time to waste, because we know the value to the clock and the dollar.

I grew up in poverty, was homeless for a time, missed out on schooling, battled with medical issues and huge social prejudice for being a young transsexual teenager in the 1960s and 70s. I was fired again and again for being a social outcast.

Nearly everything was against me.

But you what? I still ran my businesses and made my fortune.

I’m the ‘freak’ who beat all the odds …and so can you.

Making more money is easy when you’re wealthy because money makes money. Making your first million is the biggest breakthrough – and you need help.

We will put you through your paces and teach you the basics to accelerate your journey to wealth by making you and your own business successful.

I've been a successful business woman for 45 years. I’ve owned and operated many businesses in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. You will get to download my knowledge FAST...

There is no time like now to be making money as interest rates are still at record lows. The world is so full of opportunities just waiting for you to be able to spot them and work them. 

But that’s not enough because you need to learn to think like a successful business person to take full advantage of the marketplace. 


In the MONEY MONEY MONEY MINDSET BOOTCAMP, I'll teach you how to shape your mind to make your money.

Get ready…

  • 3 immersion days of changing the way your mind works
  • How to select and survive in the right business for you
  • How to start  & run a successful business
  • How to organise your finances
  • How to manage your business
  • How to market and sell your business
  • How to be a mover, groover money maker
  • How to build your wealth and hang out with the business tribe
  • How to protect your wealth and prosper in business

Get excited....and be prepared to change as a person.

With interest rates so low, investment money is very cheap and there has never been a better time in a generation to be in business and build your wealth.

Successful people are educated around money, focused and and behave differently from the average person...I know because I am one…to be a successful wealth builder you need to take action NOW!

You can learn this too and FAST…

I will teach you what you need to do to get your foot on the ladder of wealth. 

I look forward to helping you help yourself to the Money Pot

Join those of us with the millionaire mindset and drive.

Join me in the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY MINDSET BOOTCAMP and take control of your financial future NOW!

Money, Money, Money Mindset Bootcamp




What previous Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp attendees & business coaching clients say:

  • Louise Wildman, actor, writer, director
  • Lynette Smith, music teacher
  • Naveen Joggimanthy, engineer & MBA student
  • Ursula Blower, utilties manager
  • Ian Schmahmann, engineer
  • John Miraldo, IT incident manager
  • "When I met Tracie 13 years ago I was just starting my business. I knew I was good at what I did but I didn’t know about being in business so I was really nervous. Tracie’s been amazing. She coached, supported, encouraged and advised me, gave masses of positive feedback. I can honestly say she made the whole journey easier and fun. My business became a great success and now I’m investing too. It seems I turned out to be the good business woman she always told me I could be. She saw the success in me right from the very start and now I see it too!”."
    Lesley Chung
    Ing Hair
  • “I was struggling to make a living when I started to work with Tracie. She helped steer me in another direction. Now I make good regular money and it’s getting better each year. Being around Tracie is infectious. It’s obvious she loves helping people and you also catch the bug to make money and create a better life for yourself. You can tell  Tracie really knows about business and money. Here I am six years later, so passionate about what I’m doing in the health field and making my future secure. Tracie is helping me take the steps to investing now and it's so exciting because we’re talking about even more investments in the future. I’ve really changed my mindset around money.”
    Nadia Hiji
    Mental Health Practitioner


Tracie has written hundreds of articles over the years on human motivation, hypnosis, psychotherapy and natural medicine.

Her work has been published and/or reviewed in  in several international academic publications, including the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, The Psychotherapist, Journal of Sex Research and the American Journal of Psychiatry.

She is featured regularly in the media as an expert on health and wellbeing and has presented workshops and trainings for numerous institutions and organisations in Australia, the UK, Europe and US. 

Tracie O'Keefe is an Amazon number 1 bestselling author. She is the author of the following titles:

  • Small Business Thinking (forthcoming 2016)
  • Inspiration for Survive and Prosper (Vivid, 2013)
  • Trans People in Love (Routledge, 2008)
  • Finding the Real Me (Wiley, 2003)
  • Self-Hypnosis for Life (XPP, 2000)
  • Sex, Gender & Sexuality (XPP, 1999)
  • Investigating Stage Hypnosis (XPP, 1998)
  • Trans-X-U-All (XPP, 1997)


Over four and half decades Tracie O’Keefe has started, owned and run many business in many industries in different parts of the world and has vast experience in business. 

While at college at 15, studying the beauty business, Tracie worked three part-time jobs and started her first business which provided home hairdressing services. She went on to be a partner in a chain of health clubs in her teenage years with a champion weight lifter and national weight loss competition winner. 

Trained as a dancer and singer, Tracie owned and ran her own dance company while also working in cabaret in London’s West End and Europe. In London she was co-owner of an employment agency and ran and owned a Rolls Royce and Bentley dealership that shipped collectors’ models to the United States. 
Tracie sold European fine water colours and oil paintings into the United States auction houses in New Orleans, Florida and New York. Having little knowledge of art, she employed buyers, values and selling agents. 

She had discovered when she briefly worked as an employee in a 300-chain outlet that her ability to sell made her the tops sales person within a month. However, being in business for herself made her much more profit at the end of the day. So after her early 20s she never worked for anyone else again and became a full-time entrepreneur.

Tracie started and owned one of England’s first organic hotels and restaurants and bought and ran an organic nut farm in the South of France in the Dordogne Valley. 

Tracie has spent many years studying business, human motivation and natural medicine because she believes to be winner in business you must also learn to become a winner in life, physically and mentally. For many Years Tracie practised as a clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor out of her office at the London Medical Centre in Harley Street. 

Shortly after moving to Australia in 2001, Tracie started the pioneering eco-salon Natural Hair and Beauty Shop in Sydney. She also focused on building the Australian Health and Education Centre, which she owns and is the Clinical Director. 

In 2013 Tracie created the doctorok human behavioural change brand. One her greatest passion is helping people be successful in life, whether that is in their business, health or mental and emotional wellbeing.

In addition to her businesses, Tracie O’Keefe also holds a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio. She is consulted by and coaches many of Australia’s top CEOs and small business owners to help them maximise their full potential,  helping them start and run their businesses and develop a money mindset to build their wealth. 

3 Day Live Event in Sydney: 17, 18, 19 March 2017
with Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND
Investment: $2,297 USD