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Mind Control and Hypnosis

We are all born with different-shaped brains and bodies, even if you started life as an identical twin. While in the womb there are so many influences on the way our brains develop, including nutrition, oxygen levels, environmental toxins, position of the foetus, genetics and incidental or familial genetic corruptions, mother’s hormones, hormones of the foetus, presence or absence of enzymes that facilitates biological pathways, exposure to sound, light, radiation and mental state of the mother.

After we are born, a whole new raft of influences come into play to shape our brains and minds, such as parental influences, education, our life experiences and the societies in which we live. If you are lucky those influences will teach you to use your brain and mind, but life is so complicated so that is not always the case.

In fact, in some cultures it is frowned upon to develop your mind to its ultimate potential. You may be encouraged to exercise your body, blindly follow religious doctrine and become compliant with social norms. Indeed in some cultures your pursuit of personal, mental and physical excellence may be considered conceited, self-obsessed and seen as threatening because you are non-compliant with the general populous.

Your mind, however, is far more exquisite than you could ever imagine and your intelligence is only limited by how much you exercise your mind. Your brain and your mind are also amazingly flexible and with investment in yourself each is able to change. You are able to transcend the limitations of your earlier life by learning to control your mind with hypnosis.

They systems that your mind uses to negotiate the world and operate your life are part of the great repertoire of your unconscious mind and you are able to change, grow, alter and replace those systems to facilitate new needs. The quickest way to change the unconscious is to use hypnosis because it goes directly to those systems and bypasses conscious resistance to change where your critical defence mechanism generally reside.

  • Do you want to increase your intelligence?
  • Would you like to be a better student?
  • Is there a behaviour you want to replace with better behaviour?
  • Do you want to reprogram yourself to make more money?
  • Is having better control over your emotions appealing to you?

All of these changes require you to have better control of your mind. You can get help doing that by undergoing hypnosis with a professional, undertaking self-help hypnosis programs or learning self-hypnosis yourself. Not only does hypnosis help change your mind and brain, but also your body and emotions.

Think about it – if you drive a car, use a computer, practise a profession and you do not have control of your mind, how well exactly do you think your life will be for you?

Everyone once can benefit from having good control of their minds so that you are able to steer life in the direction you would like it to go with the least resistance and most assistance to yourself.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND, holds a degree and doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and has helps tens of thousands of people control and develop their minds to create positive change in their lives through her clinical practice and self-help courses.

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