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How to have optimum physical and mental health, even when times are challenging, by learning to use your body, mind and emotions in a positive, constructive, resourceful way to achieve excellence in life, love and business.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, The Queen of Change

Tracie O’Keefe is a leading expert in rapid behavioural change. She’s helped thousands of people to overcome challenges and turn their lives around – fast. ISP-Book-3D-260x242An extraordinary professional life that has spanned several fields over four decades led Tracie to where she is today: an internationally recognised and qualified clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor, couples and family counsellor, sex therapist, naturopath, medical herbalist, medical nutritionist, body worker, aesthetician, business coach and director of the Australian Heath and Education Centre. Tracie specialises in helping people recover from crisis or trauma – fast. She has worked with over 20,000 people face to face in her clinics in London and Sydney, including private and corporate clients and is an acclaimed author, researcher and trainer. Her wide breadth of knowledge on natural medicine and human behavioural change is flavoured with a compassionate yet straight-talking approach and an abundance of humour.

A highly qualified, experienced and successful professional with a colourful history who walks her talk

In business since 1970, Tracie has owned or run a range of operations, including health clubs, shops, hairdressing salons, a dance and cabaret company and selling luxury cars to the US, as well as being involved in property investment. Told as a teenager by a medical professional that “people like you” were not suited to careers in the caring professions, she has devoted the past 20 years to helping others become the best they can be, as well as championing equal rights for all. She is the author of several books including Trans-X-U-All: the Naked Difference (1997), Investigating Stage Hypnosis (1998), Sex, Gender and Sexuality: 21st Transformations (1999), Self-Hypnosis for Life (2000), Finding the Real Me (2004), Trans People in Love (2008), Inspiration for Survive and Prosper: How to Recover from a Crisis or Trauma Fast (2013). “I grew up in absolute poverty, with little education and was abandoned and sexually abused as a child. Because I was transsexual, I was locked up in institutions before the age of 15. As an adult, I’ve experienced rape and discrimination. Yet I’ve also been lucky to meet the right people at the right time in my life and worked year after year building my skill sets to become highly successful in my careers and as a business woman. “In 2012 I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the age of 57 after my partner of 20 years left me. I had to use all my psychotherapeutic skills and techniques to get through it and I created a program to help others survive crisis and go on to prosper. I teach people that it’s not where you come from in life that determines your future experience but what you do now to make the present and future good for you. You can open your mind and learn – even in the most challenging times. And you don’t have to spend months, years or decades suffering. Being a hypnotist, I help people to change their mindset and behaviours – fast – for long-lasting, deep transformation .” – Tracie O’Keefe

Compelling and fresh story ideas to captivate, educate and entertain your audience … ranging from health, behavioural change, sex, human rights and more.

Do you need an expert commentator on how to overcome adversity through fast behavioural change and gain success in life, business and love? Tracie has many years’ experience in all forms of media. She is an articulate, engaging and lively commentator for TV and radio as well as providing comments for a print or online news or feature story. Tracie is a master communicator who will work with your producers, directors and writers to create solid, reliable and entertaining sound bites and presentations. She is also available to contribute articles and columns for your print or online magazine or newspaper.

Evergreen story ideas/themes:

1. How to Survive and Prosper Through Any Disaster, Crisis or Trauma 2. How to Spice Up Your Sex Life. 3. What Are You Doing to Destroy Your Relationships Without Even Realising? 4. What Makes People Extremely Confident and Successful? 5. Beat the Blues: How to Overcome Depression and Learn to Stay Happy. 6. Why Obsessively Ridiculously Ruin Yourself (WORRY): How to Make Anxiety a Thing of the Past. 7. Ditch the Drama: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself in Your Career and Love and Go for What You Really Want. 8. The Personality Traits of Highly Successful Business People and What You Can Learn from Them. 9. How to Accelerate Your Learning and Be a Brilliant Student in Any Topic. 10. Why Your Beliefs About Money Are Keeping You Broke.

Media experience

Tracie has been quoted extensively in a range of print publications, as well as interviewed for various local, national and international radio and TV programs. These include: BBC World News, Today Tonight, 7 News, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire, Cleo, Woman, Good Health and ABC Radio.

How to Stay Calm in a Crisis (Sydney Morning Herald: My Small Business)
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Bridging the Transgender Gap (Medical Republic)

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Inspiration for Survive and Prosper: How to Recover from a Crisis Fast (Tracie O’Keefe’s latest book, 2013) Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, ND (Tracie O’Keefe’s hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & counselling clinic site) Australian Health & Education Centre (Tracie O’Keefe’s natural medicine site) Linkedin (Tracie O’Keefe’s Linkedin profile) YouTube (Tracie O’Keefe’s YouTube channel) Twitter (@doctoroktracie) Facebook (Tracie O’Keefe’s Facebook page) Google Plus (Tracie O’Keefe’s international site with downloadable hypnosis and self-help programs for a range of issues)

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