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Life without a Phobia

Phobia1-300x200When someone gets over a phobia it is enormously liberating for them when they do not have to go into the terrible feelings of dread and disaster that people experience during an inappropriate phobic reaction.

Imagine having a phobia of blood and training to be nurse. In fact I had that very patient. He had witnessed a motor bike accident, which made him want to become a nurse but the incident was so traumatic to him that he developed phobia of blood.

When he got over the phobia he was ecstatic that he can just get on with a job that he really wanted to do for living. Before he got help he did not think he could carry on with the nursing training but afterwards it just seemed a non-issue.

Phobias of needles are common. Children have often been terrified when they were young by injections and vaccinations.

A man came to see me who had just been diagnosed with a severe hernia and needed surgery to have it repaired. He was in agony for years because he was too afraid to have the operation because of his fear of needles. Once he got over the fear he was perfectly fine to go into hospital.

As it happens, I had a phobia of birds many years ago. My brother used to chase me around the yard when I was four, holding a chicken in his hands. He terrified me, telling me it was going to peck me.

Fortunately, thanks to hypnosis I no longer have that phobia and, in fact, love it when the birds, particularly multi-coloured parrots, perch on my balcony ledge in the mornings as they fly from the trees in front of my apartment.

It is surprising how many people have a phobia about driving. It may be motorway driving or going over bridges. It could even be simply being behind the wheel of a car.

I had a woman come to see me who used to panic and let go of the wheel while she was driving. The fear came on suddenly. She lived in the bush in Australia so needed to drive, and was stuck not able to go anywhere.

Her family were happier than she was once she could drive again because they had been roped into acting as chauffeurs for 18 months.

Another example from the thousands of people I have treated through hypnosis to overcome phobias was the journalist who was afraid of snakes.

She was in Australia for years from the UK and really wanted to go out camping in the bush with her friend but was too terrified. When she had overcome the phobia she had the time of her life exploring the outback with her friends.

Another common phobia is spiders. A woman can to see me because she was so terrified of spiders that she abandoned her car in the middle of the road with her baby inside it when a spider crawled across the outside of the window screen.

Her husband was so furious that he forbade her to drive again until she addressed the issue. When she got over the phobia she became the family expert on spiders.

People suffer from phobias unnecessarily as they can get over them quite quickly and easily.

Millions of people in the world have successfully recovered from their inappropriate phobia reactions. Life without a phobia has become much better for them.


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