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Lack of confidence leads to missed opportunities

Just over 18 months ago, Marie’s husband left her for another woman. Although devastated, she carried on running her business and taking care of their two young children. But something wasn’t right.

Marie had always been confident in her abilities at work. She loved her job in real estate and revelled in the new challenges it brought. Before the separation she had an active social life. But gradually she started going out less with her friends, instead staying at home watching endless hours of TV.

Any time a friend suggested she come to a party or go on a date, Marie panicked and refused. She’d lost confidence in herself. When it got to the point where she started second-guessing herself at work, she knew she needed help and came to see me.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to your life when you have poor self-confidence.

You don’t interact well with others so you miss out on opportunities – personal and professional. You may even put your family into a disadvantaged position by not having the confidence to pursue certain paths.

Just think about it. You need confidence in all areas of your life: relationships, social situations, at work, in public life and – as I spoke about recently at the World Hypnotherapy Conference – during sex!

Are there ways you’re not taking the responsibility to be as confident as you can be in life?

Perhaps you make excuses and want to stay in your closeted world. You might tell yourself it’s safe but it is actually dangerous because there are no prizes for being last in life.

The good news is: You can change your brain FAST!

Yes, you with the brain that is continually reinventing itself involuntarily or voluntarily if you choose it to be.

One of the beautiful things about being comfortable in your own skin and with who you are is that your confidence puts other people at ease.

This makes you a positive and powerful (in good way) person to be around that helps others feel good.

Maybe you really do hanker after being more successful in your career and have been shy about putting yourself forward. Well, success is not going to come to you without you taking action, is it? In a competitive marketplace business helps those who help themselves.

So to be more confident you need to be more proactive in learning to acquire those skills. Yes they really are skills and no great mystery.

Becoming more confident is the acquisition of a set of skills that, when all operated together, help you think, act, and feel more confident.

Hypnosis also helps change your mindset at a deep unconscious level FAST. It changes your automatic actions and reactions. You know I love that word FAST! I just don’t have enough life left messing around with things that take forever to produce results.

Marie knows that. She’s expanded her business, is dating someone new and loving life again – simply by restoring her self-confidence.

Perhaps you’re ready to learn how to be more confident.

Here are 2 options:

Join me in my one-day, live workshop on Ultimate Confidence in Sydney on 29 November. This is 7 hours of powerful, brain-changing fun, in a safe and respectful environment, plus 3 of my digital home-use programs to take away with you.

Or, if you’re not in Sydney at that time, you can get yourself a copy of my Confidence Building Hypnosis digital, downloadable program.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain – especially your confidence!

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