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Have you previously struggled with success?

Do you want to be a multi-millionaire?

Then NOW it is time to change your life…

Many years ago one of my great mentors, Sir Jack Cohen, who started the Tesco’s supermarkets in the UK, told me, “No one owes you nothing but what you work for”. 

The problem for most people is they actually don’t know what to do to get wealthy. They’ve never been taught to behave like a business person and they don’t hang out with money makers.

Is this you?

You can work yourself to death, end up making lots of money for other people by your labours, drive your body into the ground, struggle with the bills, have no money to retire and one day wake up and wonder what happened to your life.

In THE BUSINESS TRIBE you hang out with money makers…we are here for you.


I was the child who was homeless, missed out on school, struggled with medical issues, faced enormous prejudice from being a young transsexual woman and it was predicted I would never hold down a job. In fact I was fired from endless jobs as a teenager in the 70s just for being trans. I lived in a society that was very hostile towards me so opportunities were very limited. 

Everything was against me!

So how come I ended up with multi-million dollar assets, qualified in 11 professions, and have helped over 20,000 people change deep, positive and longlasting change in their lives?

At 15 I started my first business, have owned and run a range of companies in entertainment, property, sold luxury cars, owned a hotel and restaurant, hair and beauty salons, health clubs, natural medical centres.
I’m now 60 and have athletic fitness, wealth, happiness, multi-million-dollar assets and run an ethical business.

I have spent my life studying how to change human behaviour and what it takes to be successful. I am a go to expert for the CEOs of many large organisations to help them excel in their jobs to run their companies. 

I have worked with many small business people to help them kick start their money-making life and then coached them to grow their wealth. 

I’m not just some book worm teaching you from a book (even though I am a bookworm and I did write several books).

I started with nothing so I really do know how to teach you to walk your walk and talk your talk.

Many clients call me the ‘Queen of Change’ because I work with you to change you to develop the mindset of a winner.


In THE BUSINESS TRIBE you hang out with money makers…we are here for you.

Don't miss out on the chance of a lifetime…Step-up and take care of you and your family’s future.
To grow who and what you are you need a tribe…at THE BUSINESS TRIBE we give you ongoing support and coaching.
I don’t fit into the standard business model so in the tribe I’m valued for my difference, ingenuity and achievements. Everyone has talents. You need to hang around the people who can bring them out of you.


Most people live their lives from a place of fear. Even though the way you are living your life isn’t working for you, you retreat to the devil you know rather than leaving your comfort zone. 

You make a thousand excuses like, “It’s too risky to do anything different.” “What if I fail?” “My family just want me to keep doing what I’m doing” “Why should I invest in myself” 

And the number one excuse: “People like me don’t become wealthy”.

Well guess what? 

Wealthy people had those thoughts too and then we got out of our comfort zone. There is no security in life except what you make for yourself. While Tesco’s supermarket founder Jack Cohen taught me you get nothing in life but what you work for, he also taught me that no matter what the odds against you are, you only succeed in life by constantly expanding the risks you are taking. To do that you need to be surrounded by the people who can help you.

To become successful in life you must change who and what you are...there is no other way and just as importantly you need to hang out with other business people in THE BUSINESS TRIBE to support you and your business growth.

I know what it takes to be really successful and so do the people we hang out with in THE BUSINESS TRIBE. Remember, you become the people you hang out with...and to be successful you need to hang out with successful people. 

People who become successful have very specific and clear ways of thinking and skill sets. Their thoughts and skills are highly organised in very specific ways. They may have spent a lifetime honing their knowledge and skills to get to where they are in life.

What if you could cut that time to a fraction? could cut that time to a fraction by being educated around money and hanging out with THE BUSINESS TRIBE!
Are you ready to proceed on your own journey to success and wealth?

Is this the time you are ready to commit to your financial future?

Are you ready to change who and what you are to become successful?


  • 10 Auditory coaching recordings that go through, point by point, what you need to do to start and run a successful business
  • 10 digital workbooks
  • 4 Hypnosis business mindset changing recordings
  • 12 Months of monthly personal skype coaching calls with Dr Tracie O’Keefe herself
  • 12 monthly group Skype questions and answer sessions
  • 12 months of weekly peer group coaching sessions
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  • Connection to the right professionals to help you run your business and grow your wealth
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  • FREE access to Tracie's 45 years of successful business experience that led her to having multi-million dollar assets
  • Access to the tribe and private business discussion group for life

AND: we do all this by teaching you to create an ethical business that does not abuse people, people, harm animals or the planet.

Wherever you are in the world, I will work with you to deliver results.

TAKE ACTION today to change your life...YES TODAY!

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  • "When I met Tracie 13 years ago I was just starting my business. I knew I was good at what I did but I didn’t know about being in business so I was really nervous. Tracie’s been amazing. She coached, supported, encouraged and advised me, gave masses of positive feedback. I can honestly say she made the whole journey easier and fun. My business became a great success and now I’m investing too. It seems I turned out to be the good business woman she always told me I could be. She saw the success in me right from the very start and now I see it too!”."
    Lesley Chung
    Ing Hair
  • “I was struggling to make a living when I started to work with Tracie. She helped steer me in another direction. Now I make good regular money and it’s getting better each year. Being around Tracie is infectious. It’s obvious she loves helping people and you also catch the bug to make money and create a better life for yourself. You can tell  Tracie really knows about business and money. Here I am six years later, so passionate about what I’m doing in the health field and making my future secure. Tracie is helping me take the steps to investing now and it's so exciting because we’re talking about even more investments in the future. I’ve really changed my mindset around money.”
    Nadia H.
    Mental Health Practitioner





Tracie O'Keefe is an Amazon number 1 bestselling author. She is the author of the following titles:

  • Small Business Thinking (forthcoming 2016)
  • Inspiration for Survive and Prosper (Vivid, 2013)
  • Trans People in Love (Routledge, 2008)
  • Finding the Real Me (Wiley, 2003)
  • Self-Hypnosis for Life (XPP, 2000)
  • Sex, Gender & Sexuality (XPP, 1999)
  • Investigating Stage Hypnosis (XPP, 1998)
  • Trans-X-U-All (XPP, 1997)


Tracie is an internationally qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist, mental health professional and naturopath.

She specialises in building resilience and staying motivated as well as overcoming crisis or trauma fast so you can survive and prosper in life and business.

She trained at a post-graduate level with the National School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London, UK (UKCP-recognised school). 
Her degree and doctorate were earned at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in the USA (Recognised by Bureau for Private Post-Secondary and Vocational Education in California (School no. 3004761).
Tracie is a qualified and recognised family and couples therapist, sex therapist and addictions therapist. Because she believes it is important to take a mind-body approach to health and wellbeing, in 2009 she became a qualified and registered naturopath, herbalist and medical nutritionist, after training at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (DET Federally recognised). She also holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University (Australia).

Tracie has over 20 years’ experience as a therapist/coach and has owned or operated many businesses for  45 years. 

She has worked with CEOs of multi-million-dollar companies, along with many small business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them start and run their businesses and develop a money mindset. 

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