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Is your negativity destroying your life?

Margaret was in the midst of a mid-life unravelling. She was unhappy in her job and relationship. Her self-esteem was in tatters and she couldn’t see a way forward.

Like many other people, Margaret spent much of her life tormented and fighting negativity. It was a constant struggle for her and she became so attached to the negative thinking style that if anyone tried to help her be more positive she became defensive and aggressive.

I’m wondering if this resonates with you?

There are so many reasons people develop those repetitive negative thinking patterns: You may have experienced trauma and are still caught up in a post-traumatic response. Perhaps your parents’ environment growing up was hostile and negative and they modelled those thinking patterns and behaviours.

This was the case for Margaret. She spent most of her life as a child being criticised. These negative comments continued to echo in her mind on a daily basis into adulthood, resulting in low confidence and a general negative outlook on life.

Here’s the irony. So many negative people spend a great deal of their time protecting their negative thinking.

They become so used to it that it becomes their security blanket and they refuse to believe they can live any other way.

If this is you, I need you to know that negativity shortens your life, alienates you from forming warm relationships, lowers your immune responses, makes you miserable and damages other people with who you come into contact with.

Studies have clearly shown that people with a positive attitude live longer, have less illness, more friends and engage more in love.

To engage in love you have to be positive, otherwise the relationship becomes abusive where the negative person continually and recklessly dumps their negativity on the other party.

Just think about it for a moment: Would you want to be in relationship that was negative all the time?

Probably not.

So can negativity-focused people really get help?

The answer is resoundingly yes!

Of course it’s dependent on whether you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone. Remember that your comfort zone has become negativity so you’ll need to begin to take large risks by getting outside it.

You need to begin to admit to yourself that there might be other ways of living other than the one you know.

Life is tough at times and we all encounter terrible circumstances that can turn you thinking negative for a while.

But to keep thinking that way isn’t helping you, others or the world.

Here’s the truth: Life doesn’t just happen to you. You’re responsible for creating a positive life, regardless of what happens.

How you react to external circumstances determines the level of your happiness. This includes negative comments from other people.

As Eleanor Roosevelt is reported to have said:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

I have a belief that people are generally innately good. We have good intentions and seek to lead a positive, rewarding life.

But along the way we can become damaged and suffer mental anguish. And if you haven’t been taught from a young age how to handle it, recover and move on with their lives quickly, it can – as was the case with Margaret – destroy your life.

Unless you take action and commit to living differently.

Margaret used Positive Thinking Hypnosis to reprogram her mind to be more positive, in a week-by-week, day-by-day, hour- by-hour and thought-by-thought process.

She was able to change her life to begin a much more rewarding career and rebuild her relationship with her partner of 20 years into a loving, meaningful connection.

And so can you.

If you’re tired of your constant negativity and are ready to be brave and reprogram your mind at a deep, unconscious level, I invite you to immerse yourself in my instantly downloadable Positive Thinking Hypnosis program for 28 days and experience the life-changing benefits

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