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About Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Therapy Masterclasses with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

My masterclasses are for therapists who have already trained and are in practice or who are moving toward completion of their qualifications.

Masterclasses are a great opportunity to tap into a practitioner’s accumulated knowledge and skills.

In clinical practice I have seen over 20,000 patients with a huge diversity of presenting problems ranging from PTSD, recovery from depression and anxiety, overcoming phobia, substance abuse withdrawal and cessation to complex sex and relationship problems.

My training and practice crosses so many fields including counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, sexology, family and couples therapy, naturopathy, medical nutrition and medical herbalism, so I teach holistically.

I believe it is important for therapists to have a broad perspective when considering the best treatment plan for a patient.

While my masterclasses are strongly based in established science and include academic referencing, when you have learnt the science, it is time for the art of doing what you know and exploring the possible.

Not only must therapists be aware of evidence-based medicine but you must also be able to think on your feet in the therapeutic situation.

As Milton Erickson said when he was teaching, “Don’t do what I do.” Every therapist must develop their own style of working. 

Since I am a naturopath I will always explore natural options for patients first to help them find their own ability to heal and move forward in life. We live in an age of over-pathologisation that patients can end up wearing their label for life, which then goes on to interfere with healing. So I teach that using a humanistic approach to help people find ways forward for themselves is the primary avenue that therapists need to explore in clinical practice.

My therapeutic influences include Erickson, Jung, Perls, Satir, and even at times Freud. The work we consider in the masterclasses tends to be highly eclectic, often focused on brief therapy.

I also introduce participants to many of my own techniques that have worked very well with clients in my clinics over the years.

My masterclasses tend to be quite intimate so that each participant gets attention and that attendees have a sense that they are connected to me and the material, so I often limit numbers. This can increase the comfort and relevance of the learning experience.

You also get notes to take away with you so that you are able to review the technical information and techniques that I describe. Since I am a recognised mental health professional, CPE (sometimes called CPD) points can count towards therapists’ or mental health professionals’ training.

In the masterclasses I include exercises for you to practise and develop your skills.

Becoming an astute and effective therapist can evolve when you become a practised therapist. The more you practise, the more you develop your skills.

Importance of CPE (CPD)

Many of us who have trained as therapists have spent years in the classroom, taken many exams, been in self-therapy and undergone endless and constant clinical supervision.

Becoming a well-recognised therapist is one of the most monitored professions, particularly if you are going to be listed as a mental health professional.

Since we deal with people’s mental health and help them with their life decisions, motivations and emotions we need to be in a place of having a balanced perspective, mind and emotional state ourselves.

We may have problems happening in our personal lives but when we sit in the consulting role we need to come back to the perspective of the therapist and change state.

For all the skills and knowledge we gain, however, there is a recognised need for constant continuing professional education (CPE) or as it is called in some countries continuing profession development (CPD).

As you grow in your skills and you change as a therapist you need to add to your skill set and change the way you work. The more you know and the more eclectic you become, often the faster you are able to work with clients to enable them to resolve their issues. This is just as important in hypnotherapy as the clinical application of hypnosis.

The perfect example of this happening in motion is the work of Dr Milton Erickson. He was an extraordinarily inquisitive man who constantly imbibed knowledge and learning. We can see from preserved footaged how his work changed in the way he helped clients over the years to make it faster and more client focused. As his health failed in his later years he developed his roots of brief therapy through hypnotherapy.

I know having attended hundreds of CPE sessions my own work has changed over the years as I have incorporated new learnings and left out some techniques I might have used many years ago when I first started as therapist.

I remember many years ago I got a letter from a woman who I saw in my clinic years earlier. She had visited me back when she was in an abusive relationship. I used a very simply hypnosis dissociation technique with her to help her see her own situation. It was a technique I had learnt in a workshop and it seems she had left her abusive partner, moved cities, married someone she fell in love with, had children and was having a wonderful life. She just wrote to let me know what a difference that session had made to her life.

As a member of your professional associations you are required to undergo professional development each year to retain your memberships.

For some therapists that is all the advanced education they undertake and if that is you, this will be limiting to your development as a therapist, particularly as there are so many wonderful clinicians and teachers around to learn from.

May I suggest that you undergo as much new learning as you can fit in during your career, as this will enhance your ability to be a better hypnotist and also as a psychotherapist and medical practitioner if that is applicable to you.

I know I get excited every time I am about to do a new workshop or course. I get excited about what I might learn. Most of all, however, when I hold masterclasses for therapists I design them so we have fun and even with the most serious of learnings we learn so much better when we are enjoying ourselves.

Enhance Your Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Therapy Skills with Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Masterclasses are suitable for hypnotherapists who have already qualified as hypnotherapists and are in clinical practice or who are in training to become hypnotherapists. This includes the area of hypno-psychotherapy and medical hypnosis.

As a polymath with more than 10 health disciplines I tend to deliver a large body of wide ranging information in the masterclasses to help the practitioner be well equipped to deal with presenting problems. It helps to look at patients from many different perspectives as we devise the kind of individual hypnotherapeutic intervention specific for the client.

Those of us who practise therapeutic hypnosis come from a wide range of disciplines including hypnotherapists, doctors, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors, dentists and social workers.

If the masterclass is based on hypno-psychotherapy attendees must have undergone at least counselling training or pure hypnotherapy training and must be qualified in hypnosis. If the training is covering medical hypnosis, the attendees must have a medical background and hypnosis training.

All attendees must belong to their relevant professional associations and carry practice insurance. I will accept hypnotherapists in training in the masterclasses but they must be advanced in their studies because I teach at advanced levels only.

All my masterclasses always include practical hypnotic practice and case histories so the attendees have skills and knowledge to walk away with at the end of the session that they can use and adapt in clinical practice.

As we, as clinicians, add to our clinical repertoire it is important to remain in permanent education and equally as important for that education to remain enjoyably and engaging.”


This is a small list of events and organisations Tracie has given presentations at or run trainings for:

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Therapy Masterclasses



What previous masterclass attendees and event organisers have said about Tracie's trainings:

"Tracie is unique in her ability to combine charisma and good teaching skills. Not only did she give us a very well rounded and clear insight into how she deals with eating disorder problems, but many practical tools as well. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation for the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and hope to get her back for another presentation in the future."

Lyndall Briggs
President, Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

"What an informative, interesting day of training with Tracie. It has widened my perspective on many therapies. I particularly liked the use of Milton Erickson’s techniques. The training has been and will be very useful as I use what I’ve learned with my clients. Thank you Tracie for a wonderful day."

Maureen Gilligan
Clinical Hypnotherapist
New Zealand

"You were wonderful and made quite an impression on my students. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and peaceful. Participants listened to you with great intensity and respect. I rarely get the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people like you."

Jean-Remi Lapaire
Professor of Linguistics
University of Toulouse, France

"It was a privilege for the AHA to have you join us for the World Hypnotherapy Conference and share your expertise. Your lecture was educational and informative and was a highlight for many of our delegates. I received many positive comments from therapists expressing how they would incorporate the techniques you shared into their own practices."

Antoinne Matarasso
Former National President, Australian Hypnotherapists Association

"Dr O'Keefe delivered a most engaging presentation on overcoming depression and female learned helplessness through hypnotherapy, which was both thought provoking and entertaining.  It was obvious to me that the audience were deeply entranced and that the content of Dr O’Keefe’s presentation was useful to many."

Anique Le Duc
Women in Depression Conference

“Tracie is always generous in sharing her high level of expertise. Attendees were highly engaged and entertained. It’s a pleasure to have Tracie speak at our events.”

Lydia Deukmedjian
NSW Executive Officer
Australian Hypnotherapists Association

About Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Tracie is a specialist in hypnotherapy and has seen tens of thousands of clients. She trained at post-graduate level with the great British hypnotherapist Ray Keedy-Lilley and Dr John Eaton at the National School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London.

Tracie also spent time training at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Its founder Michael Joseph was also the founder of the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and involved with the British Society of Academic and Clinical Hypnosis.

Tracie completed a degree and doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the American Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in California under Dr Caroline Miller and Dr Robert Strouse. The AIH was monitored and approved by the California Bureau for Private
Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

For many years Tracie practised at the London Medical Centre in Harley Street before moving to Australia in 2001 where she set up the Australian Health & Education Centre in Sydney and remains its clinical director. During her career Tracie has seen tens of thousands of patients, been involved in research, taught hypnosis at basic training level and today trains those already trained in hypnosis at masterclass level.

Tracie is a registered mental health professional with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and registrant on the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP). She is a member of the Association for Solution Orientated Counsellors and Hypnotherapists Australia (ASOCHA), Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), and Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT, NSW).

As well as being a highly qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist Tracie is also a qualified and recognised counsellor/psychotherapist, family therapist, sex therapist, naturopath, medical nutritionist and medical herbalist with a Bachelor's degree in complementary medicine.

Tracie remains in clinical practice today as well as teaching masterclasses to health professionals who wish to improve their skills. She has presented masterclasses at the AHA and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH), several universities and at the Australian Health & Education Centre.

In addition to live masterclasses, Tracie produces downloadable training videos for continual professional education (including training points for mental health professionals) for those trained in hypnosis including doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, counsellors and social workers. These are available at www.doctorok.com.

Tracie’s teaching style is integrative so it involves the delivery of information, presenting case histories and hypnotic workshop practice. She encourages practical exercises and experiential learning alongside the accumulation of academic knowledge, coupled with having a good time.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Therapy Masterclasses
with Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND