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Hypnosis for Smiling

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Product Description

Do people often ask you what is wrong?

Are you someone who people stop interacting with shortly after they have met you?

Are people uncomfortable around you because you do not smile at them?

Here are the facts:
• People who smile more have more friends

• The people who get promoted more are the ones who smile a great deal and are seen to have good communications skills

• When you smile more you are less likely to suffer from depression

• Statically people who smile more suffer from fewer physical diseases

Maybe you forget to smile because you are busy. Perhaps you have not been confident enough to go around smiling at people all day long. You might even have come from a culture or family where walking around smiling at people all day long may be considered shallow or insincere.

Time to get over it!

You need to change your behaviour and the way you see the world needs to change too. You’ve wasted enough time and it is time to be positively part of the happy people. There is one life, so join the rest of us who do go around smiling all day long because it can helps us be very happy and successful in all areas of our lives.

If you have you arrived at a time you really want 100% to change and be a more people-friendly person and help other people be more comfortable around you, then this powerful Hypnosis for Smiling module is for you.

You get an audio file in MP3 format that teaches you to automatically smile often so you can listen to it on your computer, mobile/cell phone or tablet device.

You will smile to yourself, others, and people will quickly start to notice the difference.

You use it twice day for 28 days and it helps rearrange your unconscious mind where your automatic thought processes and behaviour programs reside. You can use it longer if you choose to.

Using this Hypnosis for Smiling MP3 file, created by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and naturopath, you can quickly become a someone who smiles much more often.

Act now. Change your behaviour to automatically smile much more often, every day in so many circumstances in your life.

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