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How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C at Home

Liposomal Vitamin C is now becoming more popular as more people learn how to make it at home and become more aware of its wonderful benefits.

While manufacturers are now beginning to offering liposomal vitamin C it can at times prove too expensive for many people who are managing their health on a budget. Once you have paid the initial costs of a few hundred dollars to set up your equipment, then repeat manufacturing of your own liposomal vitamin can be reasonably cheap.

Vitamin C benefits are now being recognised all over the world. Vitamin C is essential to building skin, tissue and bones, instigating good immune response, fighting diseases such as cancer, bacterial and viral infections, detoxifying the body of heavy metals, poisonous chemicals, overcoming cardio vascular diseases, and ridding the body of its own toxins.

As humans we desperately need vitamin C to function but, like other primates, we are unable to produce it ourselves. Somewhere back in evolution we lost that manufacturing ability and when we have vitamin C deficiency through our diet we get sick. While vitamin C was recognised back when the British Navy found that fresh fruit helped seafarers recover from scurvy, it has also been used therapeutically since the 1940s in large doses to overcome disease.

The benefits of vitamin C are many and varied. While vitamin C foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, are beneficial, administration of large therapeutic doses is often by an IV infusion which requires a visit to your health practitioner and the costs in the long term can mount up. Also an IV infusion is water based so a limited amount of the vitamin C gets into your cells.

The discovery of liposomes has enabled us to wrap vitamin C in a lipid (fat) which gives a much more effective way to deliver vitamin C into the cells. Cell walls are made from lipids so and IV infusion (water fluid) has trouble getting the vitamin C into the cell, but a liposome with encapsulated vitamin C can pass through the cell wall because, like the cell, it is lipid.

Since liposomes can be swallowed, absorbed into the lymph duct in the digestive tract, not the absorbed through the intestine walls. They then pass through the lymph system and directly into the blood. This means therapeutic doses of 10 to 12 gms liposome are as effective, if not more, than 100 gms of IV delivered vitamin C. When in the cell, vitamin C creates hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which kills infected and deregulated cells such as with cancer but does not harm healthy cells.

While there are many people out there trying to make Liposomal Vitamin C, many of them have no scientific background and do not understand how to accurately create does. In my video How to make Liposomal Vitamin C, I take you step by step though the production of effective liposomal Vitamin C at home.

As a medical nutritionist, licensed to create this type of medication, I take a scientific approach to getting the manufacturing process right, for you at home, as well as providing sufficient doses in the liposomes to create a therapeutic effect, whether it is treating the common cold or recovery from cancer. By creating liposomal vitamin C you have one of the greatest therapeutic tools at your finger tips.


  1. Wm. Saanborn says

    I have been making, and taking, colloidal silver water for many years.
    I recently began making liposomal vitamin C, based on your website.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of combining the two; using the silver water as the liquid in LVC recipe.
    I look forward to your response……………..

    • Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH says


      I cannot advice you as you are not my patient.

      I don’t use colloidal silver in my practice. Whilst some research suggests it may lower infection on medical devices (which may be due to a lack of other toxic substances) silver in itself is not an essential mineral for human beings. It has no known function in the body. As a naturopath I would use substances that the body has known positive reactions to depending and what we are trying to achieve. There is also evidence that silver can cause unwanted side effects.

      So I would not advice mixing colloidal silver with anything else.

  2. Dear Dr Tracy
    Thank you for the instructions!
    Please tell me, did you aber have the absorption of the homemade lipoC in the blood measured?
    I ask since I read that to make the “real” lipoC is another specialized process and can not be made like you show us here.

    Kind regards
    Erica de Vries

    • Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH says


      I cannot comment on other people techniques.

      Please note in the notes I say for higher doses you probably need to use
      commercially produced formulations. I also talk about GI toleration as an

      Tracie 🙂

  3. Silja Mougeolle says

    Hi !
    I am making my own liposomal vitamin c.
    I keep it in the fridgebut how long exactly can i keep it?
    Thank you !

    • Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH says

      Hello! Well since it is not a commercially prepared Vitamin C liposomal preparation
      and has no preserver, so I would say 3 months. Although Vit C is a preserver
      but I always think as fresh a possible is best because you have be careful
      of oil rancidity.

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