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How do I reach my goals in life?


Many people feel they are not reaching their goals in life. No matter what they do they just seem to fall short of succeeding in whatever they are doing.

Are you one of those people?

  • Do you tell people you are going to do something but never seem to be able to report you completed it?
  • No matter how hard you try, do you always come fourth, fifth or last?
  • Is it a mystery to you why other people achieve so much, yet you rarely finish a project?
  • Why does everything you set out to do seem so hard once you start the task?
  • Always feeling a failure?
  • Do other people expect very little of you?

All of us are different. We have different origins, education, expectation and abilities. So, it is only logical that we would be setting different goals for ourselves. That is large life goals such as qualifying in a profession and micro goals that we might want to go to the gym three times a week. No goal is better than another, just different.

For some people the big life goals are important such as becoming a lawyer or being hugely successful in business. Other people are happy with less lofty goals – they are happy to focus on being able to eat or having somewhere to live, although to them those goals may seem huge.

Whatever your goals are, the reason you fail to achieve them is generally because you fail to see the task through. You don’t have a method, system or determination to take you to that goal.

People who succeed in reaching their goals do so because they have a formula.

They might not even be aware consciously that they are following a formula.

Equally as important is having persistence.

Those who achieve their goals do not give up and will try and try and try again. They will come at a problem time and time again from different angles until they find a way to achieve that goal.

Here’s the formula for achieving a goal:

Setting a realistic goal is the first key to being able to achieve it. If the goal is far too difficult and absolutely out of your abilities then you are setting yourself up for failure. Be sure the goal is within your capabilities with the resources you have available to you.

Lay out a timetable so you and everyone else know by which time the goal is to be achieved. Stay with the timetable.

Study success by finding someone who has achieved that or a similar goal before. Learn from them and their story.

Break the goal down into smaller, more doable chunks and complete each of those smaller tasks. Complete each task that takes you towards the big goal.

Get the help you need to complete the smaller chunks and larger goal.

Become adaptable by trying something new when you hit a roadblock.

Be relentless by going back to the goal until it is completed

Know when you have reached the goal by clearly identifying what it looks like and when you get there – and celebrate your success.

Of course you have to actually do the above and many people procrastinate, get stuck and don’t achieve their goals.

If this is you, my Overcoming Procrastination Hypnosis downloadable program can help.


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