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Good Auditions Hypnosis

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Product Description

Are you thinking of trying out for a part?

Are you trying to showcase your talent?

Are you trying to audition for theatre school?

Help is here!

In an audition, you need to be as confident as you can be to win across your audience. You may have rehearsed hundreds of time, learned your lines, practiced your grand jetes, written your own song, and recited Hamlet forwards, backwards and sideways, but it all comes down to your performance on the day. If nerves get in the way, it can ruin your chances of giving the best performance you can.

You need to wow the casting directors or producers with whatever your talent is and that comes down to your confidence about yourstage or on-camera persona. You construct that persona inside your mind. To do this, you need to change some of the ways you are thinking and to install a new self-confident mindset.

This Good Auditions Hypnosis module was designed by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, DCH, a clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor and naturopath, who has spent many years professionally helping thousands of people to become more confident. She has a particular understanding of the needs of performers as when she was younger she was a dancer and singer. So she’s had her fair share of auditions and understands what’s required to do a great audition.

The Good Auditions Hypnosis module contains hypnotic suggestion that reach deep into your unconscious mind to change the ways you think and feel about yourself and how you behave. So you change at a deep unconscious level to become more confident and relaxed as a performer so you can showcase your talent well.

The Good Auditions Hypnosis MP3 recording can even go with you right to the audition so you are mentally prepared to give it your best. In addition to the the hypnotic suggestions are binaural beats that help deepen the hypnotic trance and improve your suggestibility. It helps you create the right way of thinking that can help you perform with a deep sense of confidence.

Act now and be a better performer with hypnosis.

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