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Hypnosis and trance

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is when you are in a state of awareness that is other than your normal waking or sleeping states. Also you can consider it a state of focused concentration when the conscious mind has moved to one side and the unconscious mind is more active. The state that is out of conscious awareness is called the trance state.

Hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to be accessed more easily. You are more accepting of suggestions, changing mental patterns, physiology and emotions. Hypnosis takes you into the trance state so you can access the vast resources of your unconscious mind, which has a lifetime of resources.

What style of hypnosis do you use and why?

I use all styles of hypnosis. I have a degree, post-graduate advanced diploma and doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy so I am trained in every possible style. Sometimes I use traditional direct command, Ericksonian, medical, educational, NLP, hypno-analysis and maybe even Elman hypnosis.

It is not the style of hypnosis that might be used that is so important in helping people but what a hypnotist does with the hypnosis. My self-help modules are based on people inducing a trance state themselves through suggestion.

My modules are not just about hypnosis as I am also psychotherapist, counsellor, naturopath, medical herbalist and nutrition with a degree in complementary medicines. Lots of other skills go into my modules as well as just helping you into and out of a trance.

How safe is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very safe. It is also a very nice experience where you wake up feeling good afterwards. As long as you use the hypnosis as I instruct you to do, you will be more than fine, you will be great and feel good.

Some people worry about losing control. Well, you do lose conscious control and that is the whole point. The conscious mind is so small, with a memory of maybe 20 seconds. Your unconscious mind takes care of you in a trance, as that is its job: to always take care of you. It has been doing that all of your life. The unconscious mind is much cleverer than the conscious mind and that is why we are seeking its help during a trance-like experience.

In all of my hypnosis work you are able to wake up if you need to, just as you would wake up from a sleep if you need to do so. I’m a highly trained therapist with years of experience so I design my products to help you in a good way that leaves you feeling happy at the end of trance.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone can experience a hypnotic trance-like state. In fact, you do this every time you read a book or watch the television and ignore what is going on around you. My self-help modules are about helping you hypnotize yourself, not about me hypnotizing you.

If you come to the process open-minded and willing to have a new experience, you will enjoy a hypnotic trance. If you come wanting to challenge the process and prove it wrong, you won’t get what you want. So you need to be open and willing to experience something different. Let it happen…

How do I know if I’ve been into a trance and been hypnotized?

Your unconscious mind will know. Your conscious mind does not need to know because it does not have the same intelligence to understand the changes that your unconscious mind is able to make. They both speak different languages. I shall be speaking to your unconscious, not your conscious mind.

Simply enjoy the time you spend in trance and let your unconscious sort things out for itself.

What’s the difference between seeing a hypnotherapist and using a digital hypnosis product?

My digital hypnosis products help you take yourself into hypnotic trance like state and do the things you need to do to make the changes you want to make or experience the things you want to experience.

When you go to a hypnotherapist the session is designed just for you, considering all your circumstances. That is not possible with digital recordings. Since I have seen thousands of patients over the years I am aware there are universal themes that run through common problems and issues. I have built many of those into the modules so you can benefit from wherever you are in the world.

About the hypnosis products

Some of the programs contain audio, video and PDF files: Which do I use first?

Some of the modules are simply an audio file containing a hypnotic recording for simple behavioral change such as simple habit stopping or simple behavioral installation.

Some modules deal with more complex issues and there is a video file, audio recording and e-book. You always watch the video first as it gives you instructions on how to do the module. There are also precise instructions in the e-book too. With such modules you use all three, because that is how the module is specially designed to change your mind, behavior, skills and emotions.

What do the hypnosis files contain?

The hypnosis auditory files contain hypnotic suggestions that help you find your way into a trance-like state and suggestions for changing your mindset, thought patterns, behavior, emotions and even physical experience.

They also contain suggestions to help you release your enormous lifetime of accumulated resources that you know about unconsciously but have forgotten about consciously.

Many of the audio files contain binaural beats to take you into a trance even more easily.

What are binaural beats and why do you use them on your hypnosis recordings?

Binaural beats are specially timed percussions. What they do is synchronise both sides of the brain so that your learning experience in trance goes to as many parts of the brain as possible. They help you go deeper into a resting, trance-like state.

Some parts of my modules do not have binaural beats. This is because when using that part of the module I want you to be in a lighter trance, focusing on the instructions for cognitive behavioral change.

Do I need to use headphones to listen to the recordings?

You always use stereophonic headphones with my audio modules so that you are able to concentrate on what you are doing, the binaural beats can be effective, and you are dedicating that time specially for you not to be distracted by the outside world.

Do I need to speak English to benefit from the recordings?

Yes, you need to be able to speak and understand English with my self-help hypnosis modules.

How often should I listen to my hypnosis recordings?

Instructions are given individually with every module separately because the modules differ according to what is being achieved. You need to dedicate the time to follow the instructions precisely.

Can I listen to more than one recording for different issues?

You need to focus on one module at a time and then you can go on to another module when you have completed the first. The pyramids have stood for thousands of years and they were built one stone at a time.

How long does hypnosis take to work?

Each module is designed differently because they deal with different issues, so the time of results will vary. What is important for you is to remember that you follow the instructions precisely. Some modules will include reading and the exercises from the video and e-books. My modules are not just about hypnosis and include cognitive behavioral change, exercises and learning experiences.

With some modules they are designed to be effective immediately and others progressively.

There are several sites offering downloadable hypnosis products: Why should I buy them from you?

That must be your decision and you must stay with what is comfortable for you. I never do the hard sell. You can through our site, particularly the About section, which details my clinical and research skills.

I’ve been a multidisciplinary therapist for many, many years and helped thousands of clients empower themselves and go on to live powerful lives. What you are buying is my experience. Again, only do what feels right for you.

Can I hear a free sample before I buy an audio product?

By signing up for our newsletter you will receive a FREE Deep Relaxation Hypnosis MP3 recording.

Can children use your hypnosis products?

Yes, but ONLY the ones specifically created for children. I help a lot of children in my clinic. With children I specially design those modules for specific age ranges. Do NOT use the recordings for adults with children because their minds are at different stages of development.

Children do very well because their minds are more flexible and they are willing to change and experience new things more easily.

To purchase our products for yourself or for your children you must be at least 18 years old, as per our Terms of Use.

Will the hypnosis affect my religious or spiritual beliefs?

Some of your beliefs will change and that is why you are purchasing the module to make change happen. Everyone has different religious or spiritual beliefs so it is up to you how you accommodate those changes.

I do not use any religious language in the modules and they are not designed to influence or alter your religious beliefs. My job is to help you change with regard to the module you have purchased, that’s all.

What if your products don’t work for me? Is there a money back guarantee?

The modules I design are generic and will work for most people but may not work for everyone. Please remember you do have the responsibility to engage 100% with the module. However, it is not the same as coming to see me in my clinic so the product may not fit for some people.

I accept that not everyone will benefit, which is why I offer a 100% money-back (valid for 90 days from purchase) if you are not pleased with the results. This guarantee is restricted to one order per customer, although this may be waived at our discretion for long-term customers with an established history of non-refunded purchases over a period of 12 months or more.

How long do the effects of the hypnosis last? Will the benefits wear off?

The benefits you receive from the module can be permanent. They happen not just because of hypnosis but because you change things in your life to benefit you. It is your job to keep those benefits. You have the module and you can always do again at any time.

Consider this story:

Identical twins went to the mountains prospecting for gold. One struck it very lucky and found a vein of gold that ran deep and wide and was easy to remove. By the end of a month the lucky twin had a large cartload of gold that he would be able to take away, sell and live in luxury for the rest of his life. His brother had found nothing.

In an attempt to help his brother he offered the other twin half the gold if he helped him get it home. They needed two boats to get the gold across the sea back to their homeland. Halfway across the sea the boat of the lucky twin sprung a leak and began to sink. He ended up in the water at sea, with no boat and no gold.

The other twin immediately began to throw all his gold overboard so the boat was lighter and he could pick up his twin. As they sailed close to the safety of shore the lucky twin said to his brother, “I’m the lucky twin who found the gold. You could have sailed on without me and kept your gold. You could have lived the rest of your life rich. Why did you abandon that opportunity?”

The second twin turned to his brother, looked him in the eyes and replied, “You are mistaken my brother: I was the lucky twin.”

Is it possible to have a personal hypnotherapy session with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH?

Tracie sees clients for hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling and naturopathy in her clinic in Sydney, Australia. Some telephone consultations may be available for certain services.

Visit Tracie’s other site for full details of her therapy sessions.

Downloading, saving & using files

How do I download and save my files to my computer or laptop?

Your download link expires within 14 days of purchase so it’s important to save all your files to your computer and/or mobile device.

Our files have been created in popular and accessible formats to allow them to be played or read on a variety of devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile/cell phones.

After you purchase your product, you’ll receive a download link where you can download your files. If you’ve ordered one of our programs that contains a mix of MP3 audio, MP4 (video) and PDF (e-book), the download link will take you to a zipped folder. After you have downloaded it, you’ll need to unzip it to get access to the files. You can use a simple program like Winzip for this.

There is a video file, MP3 and ebook (PDF) in some modules so some of the files/packages can be quite large and may take some time to download depending on your internet connection. Try not to let your computer go into sleep or save mode during the download to avoid disruption.

How to turn off ‘power save’ on your computer (PC)

If you get any error messages during any of the process please cut and paste the text and put it in an email to info [at] doctorok [dotcom], so we can troubleshoot any problems effectively.

You should receive your email with the download link to your purchase within 30 minutes of purchase. If you have not received it after several hours, please check your spam/junk folder carefully after purchase. If you have checked your spam folder carefully and are sure you have not received the download link, please email us at info [at] doctorok [dotcom].

How to locate your downloaded files (PC)

How to move your downloaded files (PC)

How do I play and use my files?

You can play your audio and video files using various players, such as Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or VLC Player. For the e-books, you just need Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is a free program that is easily installed on to your computer).

How do I add an audio file, video file and PDF file to my iPad or iPhone?

For audio and video files, once they are saved on your hard drive, you simply import them into your iTunes music library.

For PDF files you need an app such as Goodreader.

How do I download, locate and play an audio file, video file and PDF file on my iPad or iPhone?

To download, locate and play your files directly from the email we send you:

To download, locate and play your files sent to you by WeTransfer:

Order queries

I placed an order but haven’t received my download link

Please make sure you check the junk folder in your email program. If after doing this, it is still not there, email us at support [at] doctorok [dotcom].

My download link does not work

Remember that if your files have come in a zip package you need to unzip them to access them. You may need to use a program such as Winzip to unzip them.