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How do I download and save my files to my computer or laptop?

Your download link expires within 7 days of purchase so it’s important to save all your files to your computer and/or mobile device.

Our files have been created in popular and accessible formats to allow them to be played or read on a variety of devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile/cell phones.

After you purchase your product, you’ll receive a download link where you can download your files. If you’ve ordered one of our programs that contains a mix of MP3 audio, MP4 (video) and PDF (e-book), the download link will take you to a zipped folder. After you have downloaded it, you’ll need to unzip it to get access to the files. You can use a simple program like Winzip for this.

There is a video file, MP3 and ebook (PDF) in some modules so some of the files/packages can be quite large and may take some time to download depending on your internet connection. Try not to let your computer go into sleep or save mode during the download to avoid disruption.

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If you get any error messages during any of the process please cut and paste the text and put it in an email to info [at] doctorok [dotcom], so we can troubleshoot any problems effectively.

You should receive your email with the download link to your purchase within 30 minutes of purchase. If you have not received it after several hours, please check your spam/junk folder carefully after purchase. If you have checked your spam folder carefully and are sure you have not received the download link, please email us at info [at] doctorok [dotcom].

How to locate your downloaded files (PC)

How to move your downloaded files (PC)

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