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Tell me ...

  • Do you want to change the shape of your body?
  • Have you lost control of your body?
  • Do you look in the mirror and not like what you see?
  • Have you given up hope of ever feeling and looking good again?

I get it because I’ve been there. 

And this isn’t about fat shaming or body shaming. 

This is about you wanting a body that’s healthy, strong and toned.

As we get older, we often put on excess weight that’s not serving us. Sometimes we carry this around for years and it contributes to physical and emotional health issues.

The good news is …

Expert help is at hand wherever you are in the world.

I’m Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND, a registered naturopath, medical nutritionist and motivational therapist.

I trained and worked as a dancer during my 20s and 30s, and at 60 years young still maintain an athletic training schedule.

I offer a complete package wherever you are in the world.

I’ll help you in person if you come to the Australian Health and Education Centre in Sydney, where I am the director. For those based outside Sydney, I’ll train you remotely anywhere in the world by Skype.

I have worked with world-class athletes over the years to improve their performance and I have particular understanding of middle-aged and older bodies.

The physical part

Since I’m a naturopath with degree in complementary medicine I look at every aspect of your health to see how it can be improved. I specialise in extreme health since it’s exactly what I enjoy and practice myself.

I may even ask you to have tests so we can find the roots of any health problems or what we can improve to make you healthier. I will be absolutely totally passionate about your health.

As a medical nutritionist I examine every morsel you eat. We will change what you eat so that you are reaching maximum nutrition and health and reduction in weight if necessary. Or if you’re underweight, I’ll help you to put weight on.

I have spent decades researching maximum health through plant-based nutrition to help people achieve their ideal bodies.

The mindset part

Since I am also a registered clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist (the DCH after my name Dr Tracie O’Keefe is for doctor of clinical hypnotherapy), I am an expert in motivation and positive mental programming. As I say to clients, “Let me teach you how to be motivated and committed to your health and well-being”

I will train you physically, remotely if necessary, so you lose any excess weight if necessary and shape your body. As you can see from pictures on this site of my own body I know exactly what to do to shape a body without becoming overly muscular.

You will be given a training schedule that you will be staying with during training and informed what you will have to do to maintain your body shape after training.

After the Elite Body Shaping Program with Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Changing the shape of your body may result in excess skin or the need to undergo cosmetic surgery to bring part of the body or face back into a healthy alignment.

When I train you, I train you to be healthy and never use cosmetic surgery as the first course of treatment. However, some previous damage to your body may be so severe that you may need the help of surgeons.

Over the years I have worked with some of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons to help clients achieve their ideal self-image and will make the appropriate referral for you if necessary.

How the Program Works

I am going to be real with you.

While many people might not know what it takes to have great body, the majority of people fantasise about having a great body but don’t want to do the work it takes to make that happen.

As a dancer in my younger years I learnt extreme discipline. Day after day after day I worked out in the studio to hone my craft and get the body producers wanted to hire.

An audition lasted maybe a few minutes tops until candidates would be rejected, whittling the numbers down to those who had a chance. I had to work for years to get to that point and have the body I needed. 

Today, at 60, I work out twice a week for 3 hours to maintain the body people a third of my age would like. I have honed my techniques. To have a great body, that is all the training time you need when you train correctly.

It’s not about heavy lifting or about driving your body to its limits but about combining your cardio, resistance and stretching to lose weight where needed and create the desired muscle tone and body shape.

What is also important about the way I train you is that my methods respect the body and limits injuries or damage to the body. This is very important because it makes training sustainable long term. There’s little point going too hard, becoming injured and unable to train for weeks or months.

Through blood and other tests we will look at your levels of nutrition and infection.

If you are not well nourished you can be sure you suffer from various infections because your body is not strong enough to fight them off.

Infection ages, causes organ dysfunction, slows you down and forces you into a vicious cycle of ill health.

Most people will eat whatever is put in front of them. They do not question what it is or its nutritional content, where it came from or consider what it might do to their body or health. Most people eat through peer pressure because someone else is sharing a dish or because they were subject to television advertising.

This is why the medical profession is so busy. First you eat poor food and then you have to be cured from the effects of eating unnatural, over-processed food products that bear little resemblance to the original food.

I will teach you how to eat.

As a medical nutritionist as well as a naturopath, my approach is about maximising nutrition, through a plant-based diet, giving you energy and elevating your health. Personally I eat a very precise diet as I consider myself to always be in training and I am, because I am in training for life.

When you have optimum health you are able to live your life in a way that is completely rewarding. Are you ready for this?

If you simply want to down a few pills, do little to no exercise and eat in a way that’s harmful to you, my programs are not for you. 

If, on the other hand, you are determined and passionate about gaining a healthy, strong body that you love and are prepared to commit to the physical and mental processes required, then you are likely to be a good candidate for my programs.

About the Australian Health & Education Centre

The Australian Health & Education Centre is a one-stop clinic in Surry Hills, Sydney, for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you are local or live interstate or out of Australia, there are programs available to help you.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND, the Clinic Director, sees people in person for hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and naturopathy appointments. She also has over 80 downloadable hypnosis programs to help with a range of issues.

Tracie has spent decades studying maximum human performance and natural anti-aging technology. Wherever possible we use natural methods to help shape your body. Tracie regularly interviews people who have lived healthy, long lives, without illness or who have dramatically recovered from illness against all the odds.

For those unable to attend the clinic, Tracie offers coaching (including mindset coaching) and consultations via Skype or phone.

This tele-coaching is not only within Australia but also throughout the world as Tracie has had clinics on different continents and welcomes clients, old and new. Over the years Tracie has coached world-class athletes and entertainment celebrities to help them perform and look their best.

Because of the clinic’s commitment to ethical practices as well as to health and the environment, all our products and services are plant-based, contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Everything is connected on this planet and when we live our lives in harmony with nature, we reach our pinnacle life experience.

Tracie treats the whole person.

Unlike many practitioners who focus only on the physical or solely on the mental/emotional, Tracie understands the need for a holistic approach to mind and body wellbeing. She believes that health is more than just the physical body and for a person to be in peak physical health they need to have a balanced living experience which can be sustainable.

Tracie believes that with the right kind of help the body can finds its own optimum shape, she also understands that people can become overwhelmed by life at times and lose their health and body shape. Life nowadays has so many demands of us.

With bringing up family, running businesses or looking after relatives, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. So to get back to health and being happy with our bodies we also at times need the help of technology.

Simply taking a pill to lose weight, injecting chemicals to build muscle mass, or having surgery to remove sections of the body does not create health; it creates an unhealthy person with a different shape.

Our philosophy is that your body reaches its optimal shape when you reach optimal health and we help you make that journey and teach you to maintain the lifestyle that gives you that optimal body shape.

At the Australian Health & Education Centre, Tracie also offers a range of aesthetic procedures, from non-surgical facelift and microdermabrasion to post-liposuction massage therapy, non-surgical liposuction, non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening.

As part of the Elite Body Shaping with Dr Tracie O’Keefe program, you are taught the exercises you need to do to shape your body.

Whatever it takes, we will help you get that great body shape – and keep it – in a healthy and sustainable way.




About Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Tracie O’Keefe holds a degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine and is a registered member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA), Australia.

In the early 1970s Tracie trained as an aesthetician and was a partner in a series of health clubs.

She is also trained in psychotherapy and hypnosis at post-graduate Advanced Diploma Level at the national School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London; and to degree and doctorate level in clinical hypnotherapy from The American Institute of Hypnotherapy, California.

Tracie is a currently on the register of the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP), the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (registered mental health professional) and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA).

For many years Tracie practised out of the London Medical Centre, Harley Street, UK before coming to Sydney in 2001. She is currently the Clinical Director at the Australian Health & Education Centre, Sydney, a position she has had since 2003. 

When Tracie was young she was trained and worked as a professional dancer and acrobat and later went on to teach. Her experience in shaping bodies covers nearly four and half decades.

She has worked with an array of world champions to help them maximise their physical and mental performance. Her speciality is the ability to help people change and shape their bodies and health – fast.

There is little doubt when you view pictures of Tracie’s own body at 60 that she is passionate about health and longevity. She is also honest and realistic about what it takes to achieve elite body shaping.

Tracie O’Keefe is the author of nine books, including Self-Hypnosis for Life: Mind, Body & Spiritual Excellence which teaches people the power of self-hypnosis from a naturopathic perspective. 

Find out more about Tracie O'Keefe at her therapy clinic website and at her natural medicine clinic.


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