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Many people suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The thing that always strikes me as funny, strange and even a little sinister is that at school we learn French, chemistry and maths, but often not how to present ourselves in society. Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t you think that should be one of the first things that schools should teach to children?

People from all walks of life have consulted me over the years to help them in how to build confidence though hypnotherapy. Indeed I have lectured on several occasions on this subject, and what always came to light was that people were simply not aware at a conscious level how they were building confidence.

Through teaching people how to present themselves with the help of hypnotic techniques, behavioural modification, visualisation, movement therapy and correct breathing, it is easy to improve self-confidence very quickly. Since I don’t generally see people for very long in my clinic, the work we do is fast and effective, building confidence and giving you levels of confidence that they can use both in social situations and in private.

Even if it is confidence in yourself, your abilities and potential, it is important to have a deep sense of confidence that you learn so you can move forward in a positive way. As a naturopath I take a full medical history and look to see if there are any physical ways we can help decrease anxiety and build confidence. Changes in the area of diet and lifestyle can make large contributions to the way the body and mind are working.

Whether it is confidence in a learning situation, at work, in private or in public life, building confidence is an essential cornerstone of an achieving personality. The process of building confidence is accelerated and strengthened with the use of hypnotherapy.

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