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Children’s Sleepy Time Hypnotic Stories 7: Alice the Boat Series (ages 3-10)

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Product Description

Have you noticed when you want the children to go to sleep they don’t want to?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to settle your child down into bed with?

Well now you have a sleep coach in the Alice the Boat stories.

Children are very receptive to hypnosis. They have wonderfully receptive minds and love to use their imagination. They become really engrossed in stories and act them out inside their mind.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, clinical hypnotherapist, wrote the Alice the Boat Children’s Sleepy Time Hypnotic Stories specifically to help settle children down at bedtime. They are designed to bring children down into a more restful state as they prepare for sleep. The stories contain sleep suggestions that children can understand.

Alice is a river boat who lives on the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia. Three children, George, Matty and Doris own the boat that they inherited from their father. In each story they go out on the boat and meet lots of interesting people and have wonderful adventures.

Each story contains a woven-in metaphor about kindness, tolerance, respect and human differences.

Each story lasts around 15 minutes.

Each story contains binaural beats that help induce the sleep state and balance the brain so children are also more settled in the daytimes too.

What you get:

You receive a bundle of 4 audio MP3 files: 3 stories and 1 instruction file for parents.

Story 1:  Alice the Boat Carries Cargo
Story 2: Alice the Boat Goes to Grandpa Uncle Willy’s 100th Birthday
Story 3: Alice the Boat Goes to the Dog Show
Children’s Good Bedtimes Instructions for Parents

Simply put the headphones on the child and leave them to listen and rest.

You get precise instructions in the parent’s audio file.

You can use the stories again and again each night as the children become used to the story as a cue to go to sleep.

Not only do the children love the stories, they move towards sleep faster, and you yourself get a better nights rest. Mmm, doesn’t that sound good?


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