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The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

This has to be one of the easiest articles I have ever written. There are just so many benefits from stopping smoking that you will find out about as you stop smoking and some others I will tell you about […]

Passive Smoking

One of the most under-reported phenomena in modern-day life is passive smoking. When someone lights up a cigarette, pipe or cigar near you they begin to contaminate your air space with their second-hand smoke. Smokers of course never want to […]

Smoking-related Diseases

One of the first things I talk to my patients about when it comes to smoking-related diseases is that this touches all of our lives. Every single one of us has, in some way, had our lives affected by a […]

Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis

One of the most effective ways to stop smoking is by the help of hypnosis. For over 100 years hypnotherapists throughout the world have been helping people with stopping smoking programs since the early 20th century. Hypnosis has been used […]