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Stop Bedwetting Children’s Hypnosis 3-10 yrs old

Is your child still wetting the bed? Are they embarrassed about waking up in a wet bed each day? Are you at you wits end with washing sheet daily?
It can be a difficult time with your child transition from wearing nappies to sleeping in a dry bed. Both children and the parents can become confused and tensions can rise.
But there is help.

Stop Mouth and Lip Biting Hypnosis

Are you a tongue biter? Some people bite at their tongue to such an extent it begins to bleed and sores begin to form. The tongue is such an incredible organ that is covered in thousands of tiny sensory organs that can detect a multitude of tastes. The nerves that run through the tongue enable it to be very sensitive to touch. A damaged tongue can lead to infection and extreme discomfort.

Stop Nail Biting & Cuticle Picking Hypnosis

How are your hands? The condition of your hands says a great deal about you and your personality at first glance. They are like your eyes and face: they tell a story.

Stop Swearing Hypnosis

Why do you swear? People swear from many reasons. Maybe you are so frustrated or angry about something that you just feel you have got to let out your frustration, and the strength of your emotions demands the strongest word you can find.

Stop Bedwetting Hypnosis (10 Years and Over)

Have you suffered embarrassment through bed wetting?
If that is you, you will be ready to make a change in the way your body and mind works so you can have a dry bed after a night’s sleep.

Stop Scratching Hypnosis

The habit of scratching produces skin that may have scratch marks that are obvious and unsightly. Other people may notice your broken, bleeding and unsightly skin and avoid having contact with you.

Stop Shouting Hypnosis

Do people cringe when you open your mouth and start to talk in a loud voice?
It can be quite obvious by people’s reactions that what you are saying or the volume you are using is pitched far too high for their comfort…

Stop Hair Pulling Hypnosis

Are you a hair puller? Do you sit there in front of other people constantly twiddling with your locks?
Many people are hair pullers, twisters, yankers and twiddlers. It can be very embarrassing and have disastrous consequences to your scalp…

Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnosis

Do you grind your teeth uncontrollably? Many people grind their teeth (Bruxism). They do it to such an extent that the teeth begin to get damaged, split, get ground down, dislodged, become out of alignment and the gums begin to bleed.