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Life without a Phobia

When someone gets over a phobia it is enormously liberating for them when they do not have to go into the terrible feelings of dread and disaster that people experience during an inappropriate phobic reaction. Imagine having a phobia of […]

Phobia Solutions Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a marvellous way to help people get over phobias or reduce inappropriate phobic reactions. It is easy and pleasant to experience hypnosis and you can become rehabilitated quite quickly. Inappropriate phobic reactions happen when you are in an […]

Signs and Symptoms of Having a Phobia

I have talked previously about there being three kinds of phobias: Acute, which is an extremely obvious inappropriate phobic reaction. It is disabling and evident to everyone else. A manageable phobia is where you are able to carry on with […]

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is when your life is affected by fear of something. In fact the word ‘phobia’ is from the Greek word ‘phóbos’ meaning morbid fear. You can develop a phobia at any time of their life. To set off […]