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Shocking facts revealed about anxiety and depression

More people in Australia are anxious than depressed, according to the results of a survey published last week into the state of the nation’s health. The Alere Wellness Index, powered by Roy Morgan Research, tracks Australia’s health over time. It […]

Anxiety Solutions Through Hypnosis

Helping people get over and reduce unnatural prolonged levels anxiety with hypnosis is very effective. In fact people are often very surprised how effective it is and how quick the effects takes place. That is because hypnosis can change the […]

What is Anxiety?

This is a very interesting question and the answer depends on where you live in the world, your language, your belief systems and how your culture sees human behaviour. In the Western medical system, anxiety is seen as a mental […]

The Difference Between Anxiety and Depression

So many people are confused between the difference between anxiety and depression. This is not surprising because my experience has been that many family doctors (GPs) are also confused as well, particularly if they have recently qualified. In an average […]

Anxiety Symptoms

I think generally people know when they are anxious. It is an experience that is intuitive to recognise both physically, psychologically and emotionally. Others can recognise anxiety in you by the way you behave and appear to be thinking. However […]