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Is your mindset ready for business?

Thinking of starting a business?

Started a business and you want to make it successful?

I’m Tracie O’Keefe and I teach people who want to start small businesses or who have already started a business and want to know how to make it successful.

I love seeing people make money that will help them look after their families, pay for college, food and medical bills. I believe people have to a right to build their wealth provided they do not harm people, animals or the planet. Yes, I do business with a conscience.

I started life in absolute poverty with two parents with major problems who could not look after me. Between the ages of 10 and 15, I had no schooling worth mentioning. At 15 I started my first business. I started with nothing but my brains and built a multi-million-dollar portfolio. There’s no reason you can’t too.

I spent a fortune on my education over the years to learn how to be successful and to be able to teach other people how to be successful too. I think when you have been fortunate enough to make your way in the world and become independently wealthy, you should pay it forward.

Most people work their whole lives and do not live well enough to enjoy the fruits of their labours. They live beyond their means, with endless debt, and end up being owned by the bank, instead of owning the bank.

I am a polymath. I trained in natural medicine and clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. I learnt to build my mind, even though I had little education, into that of a successful business person. I have been in business for 45 years, run businesses in different sectors, sold Rolls Royces, property and continued to study economics and business practices.

I have coached many CEOs of large companies to help them become successful in their jobs but my passion is helping small business owners use their minds to make their business successful. It is all in the way you think. You must have the right mindset in business to be successful and dedicated to your business.

At 60 I still maintain a personal athletic training schedule, spend a lot of my time at my clinic, the Australian Health & Education Centre in Sydney and hanging out with my beautiful partner with whom I experience great love. You see, you are only successful in business when you are successful in life, otherwise it’s just money for money’s sake.

I will coach, help and teach you to think like a highly successful business person and teach you to run your business successfully and profitably.

Why is this right for you?

The truth is, you can spend years trying to learn what a mentor can teach you in a fraction of the time and that is what most people do. The alternative is that you enter into business mindset coaching, with me and cut that learning down to a fraction of the time so you can go on and make your millions.

Investment for Business Mindset Coaching with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND is US$14,999 for coaching over a 12-month period (4 hours per month). You can do this by Skype from wherever you are in the world. 

Tracie O'Keefe's Business Journey

I came from impoverished circumstances as a child so I had no preparation to be a business person. My journey has been an interesting one but not the usual course for the average person. I started in business because at 15 while at college, I needed the money to survive.

Why work for others for less money?

For the next several years I tried occasionally working for other people and companies but found it far too restrictive and unprofitable. Why work for others for less money when I could make better money running my own business? So for most of my life I have been an entrepreneur, owning and running many different businesses in many different sectors.

Profit & loss

I learnt early that business comes down to two simple words: ‘profit’ and ‘loss’. Yes, I strive to be an ethical business person whose operation are not to the detriment of people, animals and planet, but I teach that unless you understand those first two words very clearly, you’ve not got a business but a hobby.

Self-education should be built into your business budget

I became highly educated because I made the money to pay for my education, which is common for many self-made millionaires. I found the more I was educated, the more doors opened up for me. So I am a strong believer that if you are in business you should always be in the business of constant self-education. Self-education needs to be built into your business budget.

Human excellence in business

At 60 I have been highly successful and I am still looking forward to the many years ahead in business because for me, making money, serving people and giving people jobs is a thrill I enjoy and probably will for the rest of my life. I spend much of my time studying human excellence in business and modelling how to do that myself as well as teaching those skills to others.

Get help

Along my journey I have met incredible people who have taught me to be a creative business person and I love to share those skills. So if I coach you, you can be sure I will ask as much from you as I have asked from myself over the years. Be prepared to make it happen.

What is Business Mindset Coaching with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND?

If you are in business you need to be constantly learning and developing your skills – not only in the specific sector you work in, but also in relation to business skills and operations. Failure to do so will cost you and your business dearly and could be fatal to your business.
The world changes and your business also needs to constantly change to stay relevant in the market place.

Just as important, you also need to develop your business mindset. So many people start a business, over-invest and expect profits to come in at some distant time. I believe that your business needs to start making money from day one and if it’s not doing that, it is a pipe dream, not a business.

Make your money

I grew up in absolute poverty. When I started to learn to do business at 15, it was like a duck taking to water, and to be honest it still the same today. I consider my businesses as members of my family and I nurture, feed, and constantly guide them to profit. I am a self-made millionaire. Having little formal schooling, I educated myself and went to university as an adult, but it was actually being in business that taught me to make money.

Having a business degree doesn’t teach you to be a business person. Being in business does. There are people sweeping the roads who have business degrees and people who never went to college who run multi-billion-dollar empires.

Use your brain to make your money

So what is involved in business mindset coaching?

We ensure that you are in peak physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I use a combination of natural medicine, motivation and hypnosis to achieve this.

I am trained in natural medicine so I ensure your body is well in order to serve you.

I am trained in human motivation so I help you to function mentally to your full capacity.

I am trained as a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, so I help you balance your emotions.

And because I’ve owned and run businesses for nearly 45 years, we look at how your business can survive and prosper.

If you spend more on your motor car each year than you do on your mindset, it is likely you will have limited success in business. Sure, there are business geniuses but for most of us in business we need to be analytical, critical and inspirational thinkers because yesterday’s formula will not make you tomorrow’s profit.

We also need to be able to manage ourselves and others emotionally so we don’t give up when the going gets tough, or react harshly in ways that can damage our reputation and businesses.

We also need to install a confidence mindset that will enable you to have the courage to go beyond your comfort zone to grow your business.

Train your business mindset to use your brain to make you money

In each session your goals, progress and achievements are reviewed. We communicate, either in person or remotely from anywhere in the world on a regular basis to review your performance and determine what you need to change and enhance in order to make your business work better.

Sometimes I may guide you and other times I may challenge your existing beliefs to move you forward.

Since you, your family, your staff and fellow business people rely on you staying on top of your game, doesn’t it make sense to use coaching to inform your business mindset and make you money?

Investment for Business Mindset Coaching with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND is US$14,999 for coaching over a 12-month period (four hours per month) . You can do this by Skype from wherever you are in the world. 

Business Mindset Coaching




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Tracie O'Keefe is an Amazon number 1 bestselling author. She is the author of the following titles:

·       Small Business Thinking (forthcoming 2016)

·       Inspiration for Survive and Prosper (Vivid, 2013)

·       Trans People in Love (Routledge, 2008)

·       Finding the Real Me (Wiley, 2003)

·       Self-Hypnosis for Life (XPP, 2000)

·       Sex, Gender & Sexuality (XPP, 1999)

·       Investigating Stage Hypnosis (XPP, 1998)

·       Trans-X-U-All (XPP, 1997)

About Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

Over four and half decades Tracie O’Keefe has started, owned and run many business in many industries in different parts of the world and has vast experience in business. 

While at college at 15, studying beauty, Tracie worked three part-time jobs and started her first business which provided home hairdressing services. She went on to be a partner in a chain of health clubs in her teenage years with a champion weight lifter and national weight loss competition winner.

Trained as a dancer and singer, Tracie owned and ran her own dance company while also working in cabaret in London’s West End and Europe. In London she was co-owner of an employment agency and ran and owned a Rolls Royce and Bentley dealership that shipped collectors’ models to the United States.

Tracie sold European fine water colours and oil paintings into the United States auction houses in New Orleans, Florida and New York. Having little knowledge of art, she employed buyers, values and selling agents.

 She discovered when she briefly worked as an employee in a 300-chain outlet that her ability to sell made her the tops sales person with a month. However, being in business for herself made her much more profit at the end of the day. So after her early 20s she never worked for anyone else again and became a full-time entrepreneur.

Tracie started and owned one of England’s first organic hotels and restaurants and bought and ran an organic nut farm in the South of France in the Dordogne Valley. After its launch the manager was able to run the venture while she payed attention to her other businesses.

Tracie has spent many years at university studying human motivation and natural medicine because she believes to be winner in business you must also learn to become a winner in life, physically and mentally. For many years Tracie practised as therapist out of her office at the London Medical Centre in Harley Street, where people would come from all over the world for her help in shaping their minds for business. Shortly after moving to Australia in 2001, Tracie started the Natural Hair and Beauty Shop in Sydney before winding it up a few years later to focus on building the Australian Health & Education Centre, which she owns and is the Clinical Director.

In 2013 Tracie created the doctorok human behavioural change brand. One her greatest passion is helping people be successful in life, whether that is in their business, health or mental and emotional wellbeing.

 In addition to her businesses, Tracie O’Keefe also holds a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio. She is by consulted by and coaches many of Australia’s top CEOs and small business owners to help them maximise their full potential.

with Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND
Investment: $14,999 USD (12-month period, weekly sessions)