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Building your wealth in 2017 during ‘Trumpernomics’

trumpeconomicsThis is a blog for the business section of doctorok.

I have just finished running another Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp. We had such a great time. It’s always enormous fun to help people work out how they can make their money and build their businesses and wealth.

Of course one of the hot topics I was discussing was how you could make money during the Trump presidency.

Yes, that affects us wherever we are as trade flows will change, and interest rates and currency levels will be affected. While the next term under Hillary Clinton would have probably been more predictable to a certain extent, we can also predict the direction the presidency will likely take under Trumpernomics.

Of course Brexit was a big event this year, with 20% currency devaluation. I got money out in advance. But 20% devaluation may yet still be the tip of the iceberg.

The thing is, though, at Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp we teach you to make money in any economic climate.

Whether it is a bull market or bear market does not make any difference if you have been taught to roll with the markets, change your product and service bases fast and flexibly.

I’m feeling itchy to buy and build over the next four years, even though Trump proposes to operate trade sanctions. I will naturally be doing that in a way that takes great care to consider the wellbeing of people, animals and planet. We must all consider what kind of world we will leave behind us – don’t you agree?

It was nice to see our attendees in the Business Tribe get past the million-dollar mark and others increase their assets by millions.

As I tell you, it is all down to the mentoring.

If you don’t have mentoring your ego is getting in the way of your learning.

We hold you accountable again and again. That’s what my mentors did for me, which paved the way for me to become so successful.

So Christmas will be coming up in a month and I will be giving money away again to my favourite charity Warchild to help children in distress in war zones. I hope you will be giving away part of your good fortune too.

One of the benefits of having wealth and good fortune is that you can spread it around to those who need it.

No one ever becomes successful on their own. If you are trying to do it on your own it will be a long, hard road. We all need a helping hand by those who have already achieved their dreams of financial security. We all had to start somewhere. I know the people I chose to be my mentors accelerated my path to wealth.

Although I would never have voted for Donald Trump I can still make a lot of many during his term in office, just as I can under Malcolm Turnbull or Theresa May.

Business is Business is Business.

Dates have been announced for the 2017 next Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp:

Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp 2017 

So if you have not yet been to Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp, find out more here:

Money Money Money Mindset Bootcamp 2017


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