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Are you tenacious enough to be in business?

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Last night I totally shocked someone I’m coaching in business. She knew it was my birthday, it was 8.00pm and I was calling her trying to help her put a deal together. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed. “It’s your birthday!”

We had been pursuing the deal for weeks and it had fallen apart because someone could not deliver but it was a good money-making opportunity so we were trying a different approach to make it happen.

I explained that it did not matter what day it was to me as I was having a good time making the deal happen and we should not stop until it happens. The deal came together.

Most people who go into business think they are simply getting a different job in their own business. They are shocked when they find themselves in business and the responsibilities that they have to face to make their business work. That is why the majority of people fail in business within the first few years. They never expected they would have to work so intensely.


When you are in business – the buck stops with you. You have to deliver what you say you will deliver, pay your staff on time and make sure your business is working well in profit. Since I have been in business most of my life, this comes as first nature to me. I just do it automatically without question.

Is this tenacity in business?

Yes – you do what you have to do to make the business work.

You relentlessly approach a task again and again and again until you make it work.

Maybe you cannot always do this on your own. You may you need help or bring in new people and skills but whatever needs to happen, you make it so, without complaining.

And that really is the crux of it – you do it without complaining.

You create a series of positive and creative attitudes and tasks that will eventually take you to your goal. When things don’t work out, you take a breath and try something else to get to the goal.

Complaining does not help. If you are employed by someone else you may be tempted to complain that the task you have to have to complete is too taxing or too hard and undoable. But when you work for yourself there is no one to complain to and you have to take responsibility to make it happen, sometimes even when you have to stay up all night.

You need to adopt a positive attitude. Do not think how the task may fail, but rather how do you make it happen?

Positivity is the key that allows you to do the work that needs doing. Never treat what you do as a chore, but as a pleasurable step to your goal, even if the steps are hard.

You don’t give in. You keep going at a problem until you find the solution, no matter how much effort that takes.

That said, you also have to work smart. Assess the situation and work out the most efficient, effective way of finding the solution to problems.

On the night of my birthday I was grateful to have the opportunity to help the person I was helping. Every day that I get to do what I do in business I count myself fortunate to have those opportunities. I get a buzz out of seeing people do well so they can make their businesses successful.

Tell yourself you are going to complete the task

Effectively use your labour to make it happen

Never give up

Approach the same problem from different angles

Come at the problem again and again

Invite others to help you

Train your staff to be relentless too

Yell for joy when you have achieved the goal

Are you willing to learn how to become a tenacious business person?

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