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Are you ready for a challenge?

This is a blog for the business section.

If you are following me, then you should know I am going to challenge you often?

If that’s not for you, you are following the wrong person.

I teach and coach people to be part of the 1% – the multi-millionaires. It’s not for scaredy cats. No one makes their first million without growing far beyond what you might be now.

To get there you need to start to welcome challenge big time.

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The journey will not be smooth unless you are a mega-genius and a mega-genius would not generally need my services. But if you’re a regular person like me who wants to make good, you have to be prepared to step up to the plate.

When you are making deals for millions of dollars you need to have an enormous amount of knowledge and nerves of steel.

It’s funny because when I make those deals I have no nerves and am totally comfortable with crunching my numbers, but my partner says I remark on the price of a kilo of apples.

Successful people take years to learn what they know and develop the skills that they have. Most of them spend years learning piece by piece by piece and making mistake after mistake.

So do you want that to be you?


Well, there is another way.

When I trained to be a therapist I found the very best I could and hitched a ride on their wagon.

That’s why I am still in that business decades later. Yes, I paid what my mentors wanted and got my money’s worth. I knew going it alone would take me a lifetime to learn what I needed to know, so I found the therapists with a lifetime of knowledge. And I pay it forward. Of course we’re all still always learning – I’m talking about fast-tracking your skills and knowledge.

When I studied business and making money I looked for those who knew how to make a dollar in a bull or bear market and I listened to every word they said and wrote. This is why in the 1980s, when commercial interest rates were at 19% in the UK where I’m originally from, I was still making money when others were going bust.

To be part of the 1% you have to become the very best you can be and take every opportunity to do that. You also have to accept all the challenges that business and making money offers you.

You have to be up for it, bold, real, authentic, and open to constant learning.

If you are not presently a multimillionaire, then you do not presently know what it takes to be a multi-millionaire, so you have to start hitching your wagon to those of us that do.

There is no free money – everything costs someone something – but if you are like me, you are prepared to pay the piper who calls the tune to guide you where you want to go.

Karl Marx was wrong. The state cannot and will not provide for you and yours. It’s up to you to make your fortune.

What are you waiting for?

The only time to do this is now because there are no prizes for being late or last to the party. By being part of the 1%, you can shape the world.



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